Analyze. Predict. Grow.

When browsing on the Internet, social media, e-commerce websites and apps, customers are continuously exposed to a multitude of images and photos for marketing campaigns. With this overflow 
of visual information, standing out from the crowd becomes more important than ever before.

That's why we created Image Memorability, a groundbreaking new tool to measure the memorability and impact of product and campaign images and choose the most effective.

Based on artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, Image Memorability provides marketing managers with an assessment equivalent to a test on 60,000 people.

For each image, you can predict:
Memorability score: how likely it is that people will remember it?
Memorability heatmap: which areas or elements will people focus on?

All of this, in just a few seconds!
What about your images? Can you tell whether or not they are really memorable? Sign up and find out.

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