If you can imagine it, you can Hapsee it.

If you are empathic, you can put yourself in the shoes of other people and see the world with their eyes.

Close your eyes for a minute. Imagine being a blind person.

With your smartphone you can do a lot of things: listen to the news, send messages and e-mail, talk with friends.

Now imagine if, by magic, you could also use maps to explore the world around you. Imagine if you were able to "read" an image on your screen. To perceive a work of art, to feel its beauty.

Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon. A "contamination" of the senses. An event that occurs when the stimuli that come from a sensory path lead to experiences in a second neural path. For example, hearing the sound of a color.

By merging empathy and synaesthesia, we invented Hapsee. An incredible technology to allow all the blind people in the world see things through vibrations and sounds with their smartphone.

Imagine being able to explore a map, the image of a friend, or the Mona Lisa painting, with touch and hearing.

Imagine being able to "feel" the shapes through the vibration of your screen. To "listen" to colors with a different frequency sound depending on the tone you are touching.

If you can imagine it, you can Hapsee it.

Let's make it happen together: join the Empathy Revolution.

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