Esserbella - Esselunga Group


Coming from a recent strong rebranding activity, esserbella needed to make its Brand known and establish a reputation among its target audience, starting from actual Esselunga's customers. Thus, its main objective was to increase Brand awareness and positioning as a luxury perfumery part of the Esselunga Group, also getting an increase in traffic and sales both online and in-store.


The new esserbella's mobile app has proven to be the best way to attract and engage with potential customers, by adopting a content-driven marketing strategy, enabled by Neosperience and AWS technological functions. The app allows users to be constantly updated about news and trends in the world of beauty and cosmetics, and to receive special offers on the products that best fit their preferences and desires, such as the most popular products from well-known brands or new products to create innovative makeups. Users can easily find the nearest store around them among the 38 EsserBella’s perfumeries and are invited to take part in exclusive events, new openings, and workshops. The app also puts together proximity and push notifications to communicate with each customer in a personalized way, stimulating traffic and purchases online and in store. Furthermore, with esserbella's mobile app each customer always has her digital loyalty card at hand, with which she can collect, monitor, and use her accumulated points in exchange for tangible rewards and other special benefits. Esserbella uses User Insight Solution based on Neosperience Cloud to address personalized content delivery and proximity marketing initiatives. It implements digital assets upload and ingestion providing Esserbella a wide support in formats through Neosperience standard console: asset creation, file upload and metadata definition. Neosperience Cloud offers DCX business entities such as Card, Store, Product and Offer built on Asset object with process-specific metadata. Mobile clients, based on Neosperience Cloud SDK, connect directly to REST services exposed as serverless microservices through API Gateway. Asset upload and ingestion are targeted to S3 and triggers corresponding Lambda function sending data to Cloudinary after auto metadata extraction with AWS Rekognition. Mobile clients receive targeted data through direct invocation and push notifications thanks to Neosperience Cloud NPE leveraging AI capabilities of EC2 Deep Learning AMI.

What AWS services were used as part of the solution

Esserbella leveraged Neosperience Cloud to implement its experience commerce app, targeting users through our Psychographic Engine. Used features of Neosperience Cloud benefit from a number of AWS Services:

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda and API Gateway to implement REST endpoints for pull content delivery of Cards, Stores, Offers and Promotions


AWS ElasticSearch

AWS ElasticSearch to scale up full-text and geo-based searches across different entities effectively



AWS S3 to store assets ready for ingestion and run lambdas through triggers


Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis as message bus between microservices, used to update ElasticSearch index when any content is updated and to implement one-to-many relations between entities belonging to different domains

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