Why Your True Why Is So Important, Backed By Science


Why some leaders and companies succeeded and others do not?

Inspirational leaders identify a purpose and follow it. The actions they take and what they make is secondary to achieving their mission.

Whatever you do:

  1. You have to start with a vision — your true Why;
  2. then move to implementation — your How;
  3. finally, just as the third thing, focus on the product or service you deliver — your What.

Unfortunately, most of us have this pattern backward. We first focus on what we do and how; then we try to differentiate our product or service based on price, quality or features, and just a few of us ask, if ever, why we do what we do.

As there are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it, or you can inspire it, we see all around us that most marketers manipulate rather than inspire. Businesses influence customers by leveraging price, promotions, fear, peer pressure, aspirations and novelty. Aspirational messages and innovation, especially those with a well grounded brand archetype, supported by neuromarketing, are even more subtle forms of manipulation.

Inspiring leaders and companies, act and communicate exactly vice versa.

Neuroscientist Richard Restak, who writes about the power of the limbic system in The Naked Brain, says that when people are forced to make decisions based on data alone, they take more time and usually overanalyze the situation. On the other hand gut decisions tend to be faster and higher-quality decisions. Choices that aren’t rooted in emotion can lead people to doubt whether they made the right decisions, but those with a reliable gut background generate more confidence and less second-guessing.

As inspiring writer Simon Sinek discussed in his TED speech, imagine if every organization started with Why: decisions would be simpler; customer loyalty would be higher; trust would become the currency.

Your goal, as for any business leader or marketer, should not be to do business with anyone who wants what you have. It should be to do business with the people who believe what you believe.

Take time, think, look for your true why, the true sense of why you do what you do that comes from looking inside yourself and reflecting on your life.

Identify your purpose, cause or vision, the one thing that really makes you get out of your bed every morning.

Then build your brand and digital customer experience on it.

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