Why Mobile Will Help Improve Retail Customer Experience


There was a time when brands could differentiate themselves from competitors almost entirely based on the product they made or sold. That time is long gone and, in an increasingly digital world, retailers cannot rely just on the things they sell anymore. That is not enough to gain customers’ attention and win their trust. You must offer an amazing experience, absorbing new technologies in an omni-channel strategy. Mobile, of course, is the first and key factor to improve your retail customer experience, online and even in-store.

The moment in time we all – common people and companies – live in is defined by two main changes: mobile mind-shift and the Age of the Customer. Our ecosystem is shaped by mobile technologies; they beat the rhythm of our daily life and reshape the selling and shopping experience. Mobile commerce is among the fastest growing segments in retail, estimated to rise to $62 billion dollars in the next five years.

The result of the interconnection between all these trends is the transition from a passive consumer to an empowered customer. A passage that deeply affects retail strategies: new customers not only want retailers to deliver key services via smartphones and tablets, but they pretty much expect them to do so.

The best way to explain what is going on is to share some facts (taken from recent researches):

  • The mobile revolution is 8x faster than the web adoption;

  • Mobile is already the primary way customers shop online;

  • 63% of customers expect to be doing more shopping on mobile in the next 2 years;

  • 60% use a smartphone while they visit a store, 50% on their way to the shop;

  • 61% have a better opinion of brands offering a good mobile experience, 41% have turned to a competitor after a bad mobile experience;

  • 47% confirm they use their smartphone to search for local information, and 46% look up prices on a store’s mobile site prior to going to the store.

Companies, then, need to rebuild the whole digital customer experience from scratch. How? Taking note of the following trends to use innovation in their own benefit.

  1. Product customization: in our new world made ‘flat’ by globalization, hyper-connected people refuse the homogenization of products and services. The future trend in retail is what analysts call ‘mass customization’: to get the attention and enhance customer loyalty and engagement, retailers need to offer increased customization. Online shoppers are interested in purchasing items personalized to their own particular taste (no better place than a digital showroom).

  2. Me-commerce: the opportunity for retailers is not only in ‘what’ they offer online, but also in ‘how’ they present it. People enjoy looking for something special, even more when that is offered with a special customer journey: personalizing the shopping experience is the way to be relevant in the era of ‘me-commerce’. Content and communication need to be tailored based on customer’s interests and preferences.

  3. In-store connection and engagement: technology offers to retailers an invaluable opportunity to cntinuously connect with customers when they are in the store and – more likely – ready to make a purchase. How? Adding beacons and push notifications to your marketing strategy, the perfect way to deliver tailored content and capitalize on the power of Internet-of-Things and gamification. The key is ‘responsive website plus branded app’, but remember that going mobile without a plan can only do harm.

  4. Mobile payments: in the last stage of the customer journey, aim of every retailer, the sale, digital transformation is radically changing the way we buy, and the purchase moment makes no exception. Since Apple launched Apple Pay, mobile payments have raised to a whole new level. Thanks to the wearable revolution – and despite the quarrel between banks, credit card companies, and retailers (too long value chain and consequent too high fees) – Apple might succeed where Google, PayPal, and Visa have failed: offer a one-touch system that speeds transactions, unifying the mobile payment market.

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