Why iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Will Change Your Digital Customer Experience


Two weeks have passed since Apple has unveiled two new iPhones – the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus – and the Apple Watch (a.k.a. iWatch). One week later users could start to download iOS 8 and the picture finally became clear. The new version of the mobile operating system delivers new features that could change the way we think about digital experience. Customer-facing apps will never be the same with these new technologies. So will your strategy.

Sometimes size does matter: first thing that you notice when you look at the new iPhones is their size. Along with faster processors and better cameras, they come with larger screens and an iPad-like design, trying to push the market towards the ‘phablet’ era (something other have failed to do in the recent years). That means can also enjoy an iPad-style landscape mode that displays more content on the screen.

It may result in a huge chance for all companies investing in Gamification. In the Age of the Customer, we all love to play games, and that’s something marketers can rely on when shaping their digital engagement plans. New camera features and timelapse videos and you will spread the game layer across our world, replacing traditional loyalty and engagement strategies with more effective tools. Easy, mobile and fun.

In addition, iOS 8 brings two important features that can help you improve your content marketing and engage with your clients in a more efficient way:

  • Interactive Notifications: with iOS 8 notifications will be actionable, so that interruption and app switching are minimized. Users can now reply to a message right from the banner or accept an invitation from the lock screen, without interrupting what they are already doing.
  • Continuity: also a feature of OS X Yosemite, Continuity will help users achieve a flawless experience when switching from smartphone to tablet to laptop. Your customer experience could start as an app and continue as a website; your brand or product will really be omnipresent because all products are designed to work together.

The new phone comes with a twin-product, the Apple Watch, a real game-changer for the wearable revolution. This new technology is already changing the way companies plan and execute their digital strategies to connect with customers, enstablish a strong brand identity and lead clients to their products.

We foresee three big opportunities:

  1. Apple Pay: the iWatch finally implements the long awaited NFC technology, destined to improve the experience of payment and purchase. Synchronized with Passbook and protected by a ‘secure element’, Apple Pay promises to bring one touch payment to reality.
  2. Self Tracking: technology improvements have brought to us devices that are able to monitor and record a huge amount of personal data, creating an irresistible need to self track. We measure everthing from distance walked to calorie consumption to heartbeat. Companies can use data to improve their actions and shape a gamification strategy.
  3. Health: one of the most anticipated new features of iOS 8, Health is a native app that can monitor phisical and medical data, created to interact and echange data with other devices (iWatch) and third-party apps developed with HealthKit, a new technology that allows them to access health and fitness information about the user. The idea is already changing the way doctors track patient’s wellness: in the US few research hospitals have already launched HealthKit trials to track diabetics and patients with cancer and chronic disease.

New boundaries have been set. iPhone 6 and iOS 8 need to change your priorities in digital customer experience. The next future has so much in store for your company; you will be able to engage your clients in a whole new way. You just need to build a proper marketing machine to take advantage of this new exciting era.

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