Evolution driven by disruptive technologies is, by its very nature, unpredictable. In the last decade we have faced the birth of tech innovations that have deeply changed the way customers connect with brands and products. Customer experience is the key to reshape your business and rebuild engagement strategies. As we prepare to say goodbye to 2014, one crucial question crosses our mind: What will the next years hold for business? How will technology innovations help you improve digital customer experience?

When you face an economical scenario in constant change, being on top of things is the key factor to succeed. There are forces at work before our eyes - even when you don't see them - and they are destined to change markets forever. You can’t rely on traditional marketing tactics and funnels if you want to create an amazing digital customer experience: the way to go to stay relevant in the mind of your clients.

These are the main trends that will accelerate from 2015 onward:

  • The merging of digital and physical, that will ultimately give birth to a new hybrid reality;

  • The mobile mind shift, that makes experience - not price - the main reason why clients choose or drop a brand;

  • The transition from the passive consumer to the empowered customer - what we call the Age of the Customer.

Within this world in perpetual digital evolution, it is hard to foresee what is going to happen. But it is still possible to study early adopters' experiences and the work done by analysts and research labs around the world, to see clues of what the future holds for us. Here’s a brief look into three technology innovations ready to create an impact on how we deliver customer experiences.

  1. Internet of Things: 2014 was the year I-o-T has become a main trend, 2015 will be the year the interconnection between devices will start delivering special experiences. The automation made possible by the Internet of Things and the so called ‘mobile-everything’ will change the way people experience brands and products digitally and at the point of sale. Your engagement and loyalty strategies need to evolve accordingly, or you will lose ground.

  2. Wearable Tech: smartwatches, activity trackers, virtual reality headsets, smart glasses. For the past year the main implementation of the wearable revolution has been for very simple tasks, mainly related to fitness blended with gamification. In 2015 the topic will get more serious and wearables - connected with Big Data analysis systems - will really take customer experience to a new and somewhat unpredictable level. At the forefront of this evolution we will find HealthKit and health related applications.

  3. Data Analytics: as mobile markets grow and go beyond the smartphone, companies will be able to gather a huge amount of information about competitors and customers. In the era of Big Data, to reach a better knowledge and plan efficient strategies you will need to make sense of numbers and statistics. How? Implementing an integrated analytics platform, to extract reliable actions from data and look for new ways to meet customer needs.

In 2015 disruptive technologies will produce a profound impact on your business, but it is not the ultimate device itself that will determine the success of your strategy. It is how you use it that ultimately decides if your company will win the race to digital innovation. In example to enhance your strategy, effectively blending new technologies, discover Neosperience Engage, the end-to-end mobile marketing solution to turn on smartphones like magic and deliver personalized experiences to your customers close to, or inside the store.