Top 10 Do’s For Your Digital Marketing Strategy


In a world shaped by emerging technologies where information is readily available, companies are constantly looking at innovative strategies to build their digital marketing. In the Age of the Customer, Internet and mobile have deeply changed the way people live and communicate. Go get ready and adapt is more and more difficult, while it is really easy to miss the mark, if you don’t take the necessary precautions when focusing all your efforts to increase engagement and brand awareness.

Traditional patterns are not able to ensure that your campaigns are executed effectively. In this ever-changing scenario, old strategies can’t help anymore when you look for tips and advices to plan your actions, even if they were winning strategies few days ago. New horizons mean new patterns. Mobile technology opens a vast array of opportunities, if you only know how to catch them. That is where our top 10 do’s and don’ts come and help.

We start here with our 10 best practices you should never forget when you build your presence across all devices. Our next blog post will be then dedicated to the 10 mistakes you should avoid when creating a digital customer experience.


  1. Know your customer: for marketers it is crucial to know who they are talking to and what are needs and desires of target audience. First step: build you Buyer Personas, semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers. Second step: map the customer journey throughout all touchpoints.
  2. Set achievable goals: they say ‘always aim for the moon’ but in marketing you can only reach your best results if you set achievable mid-term goals. You will then land among the stars step by step.
  3. Use responsive design: in an era defined by mobile technologies, you should never plan your online presence without providing an optimal viewing experience across all devices.
  4. Find your own voice: you will never be able to connect with customers and create amazing content marketing if you don’t know who you are. Your company is defined not only for what you sell but also for what you are and say. Archetypes and storytelling become priorities.
  5. Create engagement: if you want to be the first choice when it comes to selling products or services, don’t forget to create amazing content and memorable experiences. Use gamification to enhance your customer-facing app: if you can’t win them, play with them.
  6. Create tailored content: as we just said, you should never talk to an undefined audience, because in digital marketing talking to everyone equals talking to no one. Right time personalization is what empowered customers expect from your brand.
  7. Stay current: don’t forget that marketing is influenced by technology and that digital transformation in an ever flowing river. Be well-aware that every single innovation could change your customer experience forever: beacons, wearable technology, Apple Pay just to name a few.
  8. Go mobile first: analysts say that the first step in digital evolution is the mobile mind-shift. Our life can be decribed as a sequence of connected moments, defined by all sorts of technology (smartphones, tablet, wearables, tracking activity devices). Mobile is not just a plus, it is a categorical imperative if you want to survive in new markets.
  9. Use data: Internet and portable technology create a huge amount of information about your customers, that you can use to adapt and hit the target. We call it the Big Data era in which you only win if you are able to extract useful insights from numbers and codes.
  10. Test & Learn: always test what you are doing online (i.e. with an analytics dashboard) to refocus budget, goals and technological support. Learn from your mistakes and from your competitors, in una continuos cycle. This should be the rule. In an hyper-connected world ‘forever lasts just till tomorrow’.

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