The sage’s central wisdom is an individual way of finding paradise.

The sage wants to be free to think and believes in mankind’s capacity to grow.

Sages include Socrates, Confucius and Oprah Winfrey. The sage also plays a part in all mystery stories. The sage may lack charisma and social graces but is associated with clear thinking. Sage brands include Vice President Al Gore, Harvard and Stanford Universities.

The sage archetype might provide an appropriate identity for your brand if you offer clients expertise or information, encourage them to think and support the quality of your product with hard data.

The sage:

  • Tells you that happiness is the result of education.
  • Helps you gain the consciousness to use your freedom and prosperity to enhance your life.
  • Looks for products that are adjuncts to learning or wisdom.
  • Likes to have all the relevant information needed to make informed decisions.

The Sage archetype provides a suitable identity for your brand and associated digital customer experience if:

  • It provides expertise or information to your customers.
  • It encourages customers or clients to think.
  • Your brand or product is based on a new scientific breakthrough or esoteric knowledge.
  • The quality of the brand is supported by science.
  • You are differentiating the product from others whose quality or performance is questionable by data.

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