If you shape your digital customer experience today without paying attention to your brand meaning and archetype, then you are comparable to an ancient navigator trying to find his way on the seas during a starless night.

Archetypes can give your marketing strategy a compass, or a deeper meaning. Finding meaning and shaping your digital interactions with customers in a coherent way implies more than just borrowing an image; it means actually becoming completely consistent with the archetypal image that you believe your company represents.

Not only will your company create more effective customer experiences and customer journeys using archetype-based branding methods, but you will also gain a better understanding of your products and target customers.

Triumphing over adversity and evil: John Kennedy, John Wayne, all superheroes are heroes. Brands include Nike, Tah Heuer, the Olympics, the Red Cross. Wearing Nikes, in example, is aspirational: customers wear them not necessarily because they have the qualities of heroism, but because they want to have those qualities.

This identity might be right for your brand if you offer an invention or innovation that will have a major impact on the world. Your company might fit this archetype if your product helps people reach their upper limit, if you are addressing a major social problem and if your customer base identifies itself as moral and good.

Images associated with the hero archetype includes natural terrain requiring skill and agility; machines and offices where things are getting done; horses, cars, planes, people, or anything moving fast; and anything powerful, hence strong colors and definitive lines and shapes.

Discover also:

  • The Innocent: Life does not have to be hard, this myth promises.
  • The Explorer: Don’t fence me in.
  • The Sage: Sharing wisdom with you.
  • The Hero: Triumphing over adversity and evil.
  • The Outlaw: Rules were meant to be broken.
  • The Magician: The shaman at the forefront of great scientific changes.
  • The Regular Guy/Girl: The virtues of being ordinary.
  • The Lover: Intimacy and elegance.
  • The Jester: To live in the moment with full enjoyment, having fun, and stop worrying about consequences.
  • The Caregiver: The altruist, moved by compassion, generosity and a desire to help others.
  • The Creator: Helping you be you (only better).
  • The Ruler: Queens, kings, CEO’s, presidents, or anyone with power represents the ruler.