What is the most relevant contribution of mobile technology in the everyday life? We live in constant connection, in a world that unravels online and offline at the same time. The evolution of customer behaviors leads to the disruption of business.

Even the reluctant product-centric organizations must switch to a customer-centric approach, in a world where the focus on the digital customers matters more than any other strategic imperative.

How can you engage and monetize customers? How can you foster their loyalty and stay top of mind? When dealing with digital customers, the old marketing questions need brand new answers.

In a mobile ecosystem, the constant flux of emerging technologies shakes up the way you connect and communicate with customers. An excellent product, therefore, is not enough to ensure you a competitive advantage.

You need something more; something that shifts the focus from the inside to the outside. That is the moment when an excellent digital customer experience becomes your most critical differentiator.

The customer experience is the result of all the interactions a customer has with your brand, across the different stages of the customer journey, online and offline. This perception is extremely personal, but it can be influenced by your strategic activities.

How can you improve the perception people have of your organization? What are the essential qualities of the perfect customer experience? What are the requirements to overcome the challenges of the digital transformation?

To answer to these - and many more - questions, Neosperience has crafted the first DCX 7-Steps Checklist, a comprehensive methodology that will help you create memorable mobile moments for customers through every connection they have with your brand, all day, every day.

Launched in 2014, The DCX 7-Steps Checklist has since encountered a growing success. Now it returns with a new look, an introductory video that explains why and how you should realign investments towards mobile to reshape the customer experience and effectively engage and monetize digital customers.

You can also download The DCX 7-Steps Checklist in .pdf version here: