As we know, the threshold for user attention has dropped dramatically, and as a result the effectiveness of digital strategies. How to face this great challenge? Neosperience asked this question and tried to find an answer thanks to the latest discoveries in consumer psychology.


An idea emerged clearly from this path of investigation: brands can no longer afford to communicate with a one-to-many mass logic. People, rightly, want to see their uniqueness respected, and consequently direct their shopping preferences towards brands that can fully understand their needs and desires.


To do this, digital marketing experts at every touchpoint have invaluable information to help us understand the specificities of each customer. During the webinar we will then see how to apply so-called psychographic profiling, which allows brands to communicate in an empathetic and personalised way to increase proximity to their customers.


A body of ideas and strategies that underlies the Neosperience User Insight solution: the software based on Artificial Intelligence that allows you to derive the subjective characteristics of customers, thanks to a combination of data science, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.




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Neosperience - together with AWS - participated in the Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience event: improving the customer experience on each digital touchpoint thanks to intelligent and empathic technologies.


What did we talk about? How AI can facilitate the relationship between brands and users, what are the strategies through which it is possible to increase sales and business profitability and what are the metrics to always take into account.


Finally, we showed the User Insight case study - our solution for user data analysis - applied to the digital channels of the United Colors of Benetton brand.




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