The trends are clear: Security has to face increasingly difficult threats. The dangers for persons (accidents, distancing, etc.) and assets (theft, damage, etc.) are increasing: how can we react?
It is also vitally important to comply with the latest regulations, which have recently become very stringent. This, however, comes up against the difficulty of adopting the correct know-how in an agile way.
The challenges are therefore manifold and of crucial importance precisely because they threaten the company's brand reputation.
In this webinar we will explain the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the security world, and how these are able to help us address such complexities.
We will also talk about some use cases in the security sector that - according to our experience - will become fundamental in the market in a few years, such as:
- Automatic detection of safety-relevant events
- Continuous monitoring, without constantly requiring the attention of the operator
- Predictability to anticipate the occurrence of future events
- Automatic recognition of suspicious behaviors
- Implementation of automatic countermeasures upon the occurrence of related events
- Automatic production of reports, statistics and documentation proving events and countermeasures adopted, including for forensic use

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