Neosperience Health Cloud, the area of the Neosperience group that deals with health & life-sciences solutions, will participate in Cosmofarma 2021 in Bologna, the most important event in the pharmaceutical sector. Together we will discover the new Neosperience platform dedicated to innovation in the health sector with a focus on the application to the pharmacy sector, one of the most important points of contact with patients and of vital importance for Italy. To find out more, watch the video of the intervention of our CEO Dario Melpignano at Cosmofarma.




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In this webinar organized together with ACES we will tell the future of Health in the light of the pandemic: what has changed in the common perception? Which technologies have seen the greatest development? How will our relationship with care pathways evolve?


We will tell you about it through some projects carried out in the last year, in which we have put into practice the innovation and patient-centric vision that distinguishes us.


In particular, we talked about:


  • Nestore, the app that guides over 65 towards a healthy and responsible lifestyle, taking care of themselves and avoiding chronic and debilitating diseases;
  • DIMASDIA, the platform capable of diagnosing Covid-19 beyond traditional procedures;
  • Vivisol MyCare, Vivisol's reconfigurable Android and iOS app, based on the Neosperience Skinnable App solution, which supports the patient in taking therapy with a profound customization of services, interfaces and communications.




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In Asian countries - such as South Korea and Japan - the Covid-19 pandemic has been successfully contained also thanks to the application of innovative technologies, which have allowed a more effective tracking of the disease and a management of dangerous situations of success.

Even in Italy - without endangering the privacy of citizens - it is possible to intelligently use technology to ensure compliance with security regulations.


SOMOS - a company of the Neosperience group - has created, precisely to help companies and public bodies manage the emergency - a set of useful and highly innovative solutions that allow to combat the virus on public transport, in offices, schools and so on.

This webinar organized jointly by Neosperience and SOMOS is dedicated to the presentation of these solutions, enriched by practical use cases and the story of successes achieved in the field.




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