In this webinar, organized jointly by Neosperience and Wizkey, we will describe in detail the uses, advantages and disadvantages and perspectives of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), in particular with regard to the fashion, art and gaming sectors.

We will focus on highlighting the benefits for companies that decide to invest in proprietary NFTs, which can open up rich sources of revenue and engage and retain customers in a new way. We will then describe the new platform for the marketing of NFTs, our NFT-Commerce that aims - through an innovative approach to the sector - to revolutionize for brands the ways in which they create and sell their NFTs.

Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, and Marco Pagani, CEO of Wizkey will speak during the live performance. We are waiting for you!


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After the first live talk on April 21 where we discovered the value of Voice of Customer according to Mariela Di Luna, CRM Manager of Prénatal Retail Group, and the project carried out with NeosVoc, we continue our appointments with a guided demonstration of our platform!


On May 11 at 5 pm Alice Melpignano, CEO of NeosVoc, will show us a demo of the platform, exploring the interface and features that make the Voice of Customer platform a fundamental resource for collecting user feedback aimed at improving the business.


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Lead Champion allows marketing and sales departments to attract new potential customers, find out which companies visit the company website, know which aspects of the offers are of interest and acquire quality leads.


Lead Champion Discover - for example - gets leads in an innovative way because it is able to discover new customers among companies that visit the website even before a contact form is filled out!


Lead Champion Booster - on the other hand - leverages artificial intelligence to increase the number of contacts generated by your site through pop-up forms based on visitor behavior.


Watch the demo and discover the benefits of the Lead Champion Suite for yourself!



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