Today, Lead Generation is no longer what it used to be. We discovered the value of using digital to find new business opportunities, while reducing acquisition costs and being able to establish a direct and valuable relationship with customers.

Starting from this premise, Alessandro Ponte of ADChange and Marco Pischedda of Esclamativa Srl – in about 45 minutes – will tell the context, the best practices and as Lead Champion - our solution for automated Lead Generation - can support companies in overcoming the definitive digital transition of the sales department.


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Today, every company can and must reap all the benefits of digital transformation. By applying artificial intelligence. Smart Enterprises make the best use of data by integrating activities and processes to become more resilient and profitable.


In this live event, carried out in collaboration with Neos Consulting and Myti, and with the extraordinary participation of the Clerici Group, our client, we will talk about technologies that can help the manufacturing company in every phase, from production to sale.




5 p.m. - Managing digital transformation in Italian SMEs - Neosperience

5.15 p.m. - The company becomes intelligent through expert systems - Myti

5.30 pm - From the traditional catalogue to the evolved portal - Clerici Group

5.50 pm - Q&A



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In a hyper-connected world, made up of increasingly volatile customers and offerings that often struggle to be distinguishable, the moment of experience takes on a central role directing purchase choices and offering that customers really expect from us.


The Pandemic has redefined all market trends and forecasts by changing priorities, consumption styles, habits and values. Customers and their relationship with brands evolve: above all, the purchasing choices due to the great transformations of life change: a new home, a son.


To stay on the market, it becomes vital for companies to redesign their strategies. To do so effectively there is only one way: starting from listening to and understanding your customers to establish an authentic bond with each of them, in which the traditional concept of loyalty gives way to the much deeper concept of "customization.”


We will discuss this with Mariela Di Luna, CRM Manager of Prénatal Retail Group, and Alice Melpignano, CEO of NeosVoc, who will tell us about the importance of Voice of Customer in understanding their customers, building effective strategies and improving the results of their business.




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Italian companies are thirdlast in Europe in terms of the effectiveness of their online sales strategies. This is an alarming fact, however, which highlights a great deal of scope for action.


While in Europe and the world, COVID has given ample impetus to digital transformation, in Italy companies are tempted to innovate. This attitude is not winning, as past crises teach us. The solution is to immediately adopt B2B sales tools capable of relaunching the excellence of our country's companies in Europe and around the world.


We want to help you discover how to promote your company's excellence and successfully acquire new customers.


The topics that we will address during the webinar are:

- hidden excellence: data that reveal how the Italian manufacturing sector has a great opportunity for growth
- the buying process b2b
- the importance of the digital avatar of product
- personalisation of the shopping experience
- the success stories of the Rubin Red Digital Commerce platform




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As we know, the threshold for user attention has dropped dramatically, and as a result the effectiveness of digital strategies. How to face this great challenge? Neosperience asked this question and tried to find an answer thanks to the latest discoveries in consumer psychology.


An idea emerged clearly from this path of investigation: brands can no longer afford to communicate with a one-to-many mass logic. People, rightly, want to see their uniqueness respected, and consequently direct their shopping preferences towards brands that can fully understand their needs and desires.


To do this, digital marketing experts at every touchpoint have invaluable information to help us understand the specificities of each customer. During the webinar we will then see how to apply so-called psychographic profiling, which allows brands to communicate in an empathetic and personalised way to increase proximity to their customers.


A body of ideas and strategies that underlies the Neosperience User Insight solution: the software based on Artificial Intelligence that allows you to derive the subjective characteristics of customers, thanks to a combination of data science, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.




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In this webinar organized together with ACES we will tell the future of Health in the light of the pandemic: what has changed in the common perception? Which technologies have seen the greatest development? How will our relationship with care pathways evolve?


We will tell you about it through some projects carried out in the last year, in which we have put into practice the innovation and patient-centric vision that distinguishes us.


In particular, we talked about:


  • Nestore, the app that guides over 65 towards a healthy and responsible lifestyle, taking care of themselves and avoiding chronic and debilitating diseases;
  • DIMASDIA, the platform capable of diagnosing Covid-19 beyond traditional procedures;
  • Vivisol MyCare, Vivisol's reconfigurable Android and iOS app, based on the Neosperience Skinnable App solution, which supports the patient in taking therapy with a profound customization of services, interfaces and communications.




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In Asian countries - such as South Korea and Japan - the Covid-19 pandemic has been successfully contained also thanks to the application of innovative technologies, which have allowed a more effective tracking of the disease and a management of dangerous situations of success.

Even in Italy - without endangering the privacy of citizens - it is possible to intelligently use technology to ensure compliance with security regulations.


SOMOS - a company of the Neosperience group - has created, precisely to help companies and public bodies manage the emergency - a set of useful and highly innovative solutions that allow to combat the virus on public transport, in offices, schools and so on.

This webinar organized jointly by Neosperience and SOMOS is dedicated to the presentation of these solutions, enriched by practical use cases and the story of successes achieved in the field.




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Neosperience - together with AWS - participated in the Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience event: improving the customer experience on each digital touchpoint thanks to intelligent and empathic technologies.


What did we talk about? How AI can facilitate the relationship between brands and users, what are the strategies through which it is possible to increase sales and business profitability and what are the metrics to always take into account.


Finally, we showed the User Insight case study - our solution for user data analysis - applied to the digital channels of the United Colors of Benetton brand.




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This 45’webinar is designed for Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Head of Innovation, Marketing Analysts, and business users from medium and large companies in the fashion, luxury, cosmetics and retail sectors, who want to learn about innovative customer engagement solutions by approaching the cloud.


Piermarco Raimondo, Account Manager Amazon Web Services, specializing in Retail & GDO, will introduce the challenges and opportunities of future retail and how the cloud is the main enabler of successful digital and physical strategies.


Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, will show how Digital Transformation profoundly changes the role of technology in the organization, which is no longer simply that of enabling, but becomes that of inspiring the creation of new business strategies: from lead generation, to digital commerce, to customer analytics, online and in stores, to listening to the voice of customer.




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Together with Alisea - a leading customer company in the hygienic management of air systems - and Amazon Web Services, we participated in the "Artificial Intelligence and Industry" webinar to answer some of the most common questions among companies approaching this technology for the first time, also providing some examples of projects carried out by our company to demonstrate its practical potential.


Below is the programme of interventions:


17:00 - Massimo Casadio, ICT Manager and AXIS Advisor, and Nicola Poli, Neosperience Business Partner and AXIS Advisor, will introduce the Webinar and present THE AXIS Association.


17:05 - Luca Bianchi, CTO of Neosperience and AWS Serverless Hero, in his first speech will introduce the fundamental principles of the Artificial Intelligence revolution that we are experiencing, demystifying many concepts and presenting costs, limits of applicability and benefits in the industrial context.


17:30 - Massimo Albertini, of Alisea's Technical Management - will tell us about the RemotAir® remote surveillance system, based on Neosperience's Artificial Intelligence.


17:55 - Alex Casalboni, Senior Developer Advocate of Amazon Web Services, will finally show us the tools and cloud services of Artificial Intelligence provided by AWS for Italian companies. The session will also present the on-demand solutions available on the AWS cloud and describe some cases of B2B use by customers.




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