Sorgenia - Digital Analytics

Challenge - Understand the "human" side of each user

Sorgenia, a leader in the free market for electricity and gas, wanted to deepen the knowledge of the target audience by collecting different types of information.

In particular, Sorgenia wanted to retrieve qualitative and subjective information, essential to understand the “human” side of each customer, such as the themes and values ​ ​to which it attaches greater importance and psychological needs, to ensure an optimal customer experience in one-to-one logic.

Solution - Neosperience User Insight

To obtain this information we have decided to implement the Neosperience User Insight Solution in the Sorgenia website and Customer Area. In doing so, we were able to derive some propensities and subjective characteristics of users and customers, based on the analysis of their browsing behaviour and thanks to a combination of statistical techniques, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

Neosperience User Insight has allowed Sorgenia to discover on each user:

Attention to Consumption

Attention to consumption and expenses, combined with the search for savings.



The sensitivity towards social responsibility initiatives and the importance attached to the values ​of the Sorgenia Brand.


Innovation and Technology

The interest in innovation and technology and the propensity for smart use of digital.


Need for

The tendency to seek detailed information and the willingness to thoroughly evaluate the characteristics of products, services, and offers.



The importance attached to customer feedback and the awards obtained 
by Sorgenia as guarantees of reliability.


Need for

The need for interaction and the search for contact 
with Sorgenia, combined with the propensity to word-of-mouth and member-get-member.

Impact - Understand to Customize

These new informations allow Sorgenia to enrich its Customer Database and customize communications, based on the propensities and subjective characteristics of each customer, both current and potential, improving its experience and increasing its involvement and propensity to purchase.

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Vivisol - Vivisol MyCare

Challenge - Health and Digital

As life expectancy increases, the needs of patients and the demand for specific care are also growing. The latest technological and methodological innovations are the ideal response to these new needs. In this way, healthcare becomes simpler, more effective, and more customisable.

Vivisol - A SOL group company leader in the management of home therapies - has realised these ongoing transformations and has decided - relying on Neosperience's expertise - to extend its digital transformation path.

Solution - A personalized therapy

To this end, we create the Vivisol MyCare app to support the patients throughout their therapy and that allows, thanks to our Neosperience Skinnable App solution, deep customization of services, interfaces, and communications. We have also taken care of the Vivisol MyCare app brand identity and UX/UI.

Among the various features of the Vivisol MyCare app, we can mention:

QR Code

Interactive and personalised service chart on the individual user, race, or therapy. How? Thanks to the QR Code that is provided to patients in each starter kit.


Informative Content

Even the informative content, such as blog articles, are customized according to the therapy, race, and country of the user.


Digital Commerce

We implement a Digital Commerce in the app, where it's possible to order spare parts or the devices, sold directly by Vivisol.



There are Tutorials on services and products, in order to improve patient awareness and to decrease the interventions of Vivisol technicians.



For the same reason, there is an in-app Chatbot developed to be able to answer the most frequent questions.



To increase user involvement, we implement Gamification dynamics: thus users are rewarded and stimulated to improve their experiences.


Voice Of Customer

Finally, we have developed a Voice Of Customer service that, through questionnaires and chatbot interviews, is able to provide valuable insights to Vivisol regarding the appreciation of its services.

Impact - A unique solution to support patients' therapy

The app is currently being tested, with excellent results, in some facilities for elderly in northern Italy. We will soon be able to give you more information on the impact of this solution on the patient service landscape. We are confident that this tool, unique on the national and international scene, can become a unique example of the use of technology in the health sector.

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Rinascente - In a State of Repair

Challenge - Stand out during Design Week in Milan

Rinascente, during the Milan Design Week, wanted to give the city an innovative experience. Standing out in the sea from themed events during the Salone del Mobile has always been complex. Being able to engage the general public on a niche theme, such as design, is even more so. For this reason, Rinascente has turned to the Neosperience group and our decade-long experience in the Digital Customer Experience to create something unique and special.

Solution - In a State of Repair App

To meet the customer's needs, we decided to develop an app for Android and iOS dedicated to the parallel offline event, which would take place in the shop windows and along Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. In a State of Repair, this is the title, wanted to take the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London to Piazza del Duomo, allowing the public to visit two works by the artist Martino Gamper and the palace of the same art gallery in Augmented Reality.

The digital installation was accompanied by an in-app contest. Photos and sharing of the experience on social channels contributed to the memorability and dissemination of the event and allowed users to win shopping vouchers to spend in-store.

Impact - Hundreds of shared content

The experience received excellent ratings from the participating audience; hundreds of photos and content were shared. In a State of Repair app has allowed Rinascente to stand out from the competition and gain the attention of both the audience interested in the Salone del Mobile and those passing by.

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Prada - The Palace

Challenge - Communicating the brand's heritage with innovation

Prada wanted to find a new way to communicate the history and prestige of its brand. The goal was twofold: on the one hand, to involve its customers in a totally immersive and evocative experience; on the other, to show the charm and value of the brand and its products, also allowing them to buy.

In an extremely competitive environment - such as fashion - it is always necessary to stay one step ahead of the competition in order to stand out, especially with regard to technological innovation. Prada has decided to contact the Neosperience group to obtain these results.

Solution - An interactive 3D Digital Commerce

The Palace is the first iPad app that allows users to virtually visit the interiors of an evocative building inspired by the style and charm of the Brand.

The Palace is a multi-platform project combining art and technology. The solution required the design of an innovative product, capable of bridging the gap between the physical and digital world. The user is thus able to navigate freely in a 3D environment, and buy the products displayed with a simple tap.

Impact - An immersive and engaging experience

With The Palace app, Prada has been able to create a new model of e-commerce, where the exploration of the environment is a fundamental element. The Palace is an excellent example of a synthesis between brand and technology, which has given rise to an immersive and engaging experience.

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Intesa Sanpaolo - Insurance Styles

Challenge - Understand the clients

Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura, part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Vita Insurance Group, needed to optimize the use of the information contained within its Customer Database to increase the effectiveness of communication with Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura customers, identifying the insurance products most in line with the needs of each customer and the most suitable relational methods to interact with each other.

Solution - Create new Buyer Personas

To this end, we have started research and Customer Analytics aimed at a sample of Intesa Sanpaolo's customer base, with particular reference to policyholders, aimed to enrich the description of Intesa Sanpaolo's "buyer personas” through qualitative information, in addition to traditional socio-demographic and behavioural information, and to create predictive Machine Learning models for a set of subjective customer characteristics, such as personality and lifestyle, based on the analysis of data already in the Bank's possession within its Customer Database.

The analysis was carried out through a structured questionnaire, implemented on the Cawi detection channel of the Voice of Customer NeosVoc platform, and allowed the identification of the following information:


Lifestyle and interests of customer in specific areas, such as sport, travel, art, health, and well-being.



The customer's propensity to take out an insurance policy to protect themselves in areas of life that are important to them.


Communicative Approach

Some traits of the personality of customers use in defining the most suitable communicative and relational approach for each one, such as friendship, locus of control, and attitude towards uncertainty.



Some personality traits useful in identifying the most suitable insurance products for each customer, such as openness to experiences and sensation seeking.

Impact - Personalised insurance

Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura, thanks to the Stili di Tutela project, has been able to acquire a new layer of customer knowledge, which takes into account their individual differences in lifestyle, personality, and predispositions.

This knowledge has allowed Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura to customise communication according to the “style of protection” of each individual, increasing the value of the relationship with its customers and at the same time favoring the adoption of insurance policies more in line with the needs and peculiar characteristics of each one.

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BNP Paribas Cardif - Voice of Customer

Challenge - Soft Data of customers and prospects

BNP Paribas Cardif, a leading global insurance company, wanted to raise awareness of the brand and, at the same time, wanted to know more about the characteristics of its audience, to improve the effectiveness of its commercial communications.

Until then, Cardif knew customers and prospects exclusively through socio-demographic and behavioural information, linked to the possession of products or the interest shown by users in its offers. Cardif, therefore, did not have qualitative information that would identify the real insurance needs of customers and the type of communication best suited to interacting with them.

Solution - Behavioral and attitudinal analysis

We have created for Cardif the Emotional Check-Up, which consists of a survey aimed at their current and potential customers to understand some of their subjective characteristics. At the end of the compilation, each participant could view their personality profile processed in real-time, and the insurance products suggested according to their distinctive characteristics.

In particular, the Emotional Check-Up has allowed the following characteristics to be obtained on each user:

Locus of Control

The perception of the "place" where the causes of the events of one's life reside.


Sensation Seeking

The propensity for adventure and the desire to experience new and intense experiences from an emotional point of view.



The strong propensity for sociality and group visibility.



The tendency to plan one's behaviours and pursue long-term goals with determination.


to the Experience

Curiosity and openness to news and changes.

Impact - Customer-friendly insurance

Thanks to the Emotional Check-Up, Cardif was able to:

the Offer

Offer each user the most suitable product, based on their lifestyle, their attitude and propensity towards different types of policy, and their level of Sensation seeking.


the Communication

Identify the most effective message for each user, in line with their fundamental psychographic traits (Locus of control, Extroversion, Consciousness, Openness to experience).

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Mattel - The Toy Box

Challenge - Reaching the online audience

Mattel needed an app to engage his audience - who in the meantime moved online - and to identify new revenue streams from selling his toys. It was essential to be able to involve two different types of users: children and their parents. To do this, the app had to contain several separate, but complementary, features to meet the needs of both users.

Solution - Selling by entertaining people

To meet Mattel's demands, the Neosperience group has developed the Toy Box app. The app has created engaging experiences to increase brand awareness, boost partner company sales, improve the Mattel product experience and bring more customers into stores.

How does it work?

The Toy Box app offers personalized notifications, Augmented Reality experiences, and the possibility to share contents via social media, asking for community input. The shopping experience is enriched by proximity marketing (iBeacon) and Geolocation to find the nearest store. Another feature is Mattel TV, to entertain users with engaging videos about products, events and the latest news.

Finally, the function "When I was a child” allows the audience to immerse themselves in the memories of their childhood. By choosing a specific year from the past, users can find out which toys were famous at the time.

Impact - A new digital placement

Mattel, thanks to the Toy Box app, has taken a huge step forward in terms of technological innovation and digital positioning. It reached its target audience where it had moved, improved engagement and sales, gave the brand a new contemporary image and opened new channels of contact.

"Thanks to the Neosperience Cloud and its innovative approach to the digital customer experience, we have been able to unlock the magic of mobile technology. We delivered a truly meaningful experience online and offline, that enabled us to create engagement and understand our digital customers"

Filippo Agnello - AD Mattel Italy, Greece and Turkey

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Deborah Milano - Store Analytics

Challenge - Bringing analytics to the physical world

Unlike physical stores, Digital Commerce platforms have much more information about customers; stores - to bridge this gap with digital - must bring the keys to the success of digital analytics tools to the physical world.

Deborah Milano, a leading make-up company, has understood this new need. Its target? Make its promotional campaigns and in-store product placement more effective, and retrieve information about the visitor and in-store staff behavior.

Solution - Neosperience People Analytics

Deborah Milano has decided to contact us to adopt the Neosperience People Analytics solution in three of its stores. How does it work? By installing some cameras in key store environments, they can provide data and information to assess the behavior of people moving around the store and near the entrance.

What information does Neosperience People Analytics retrieve?


How many people pass in front of the store and stop in front of the windows


and Exits

How many people visit the store



How people move around different areas of the store



How customers behave, for example when interacting with products and promotions

To make this data easy to view and use, Neosperience People Analytics automatically generates infographic maps and heat flows.

Impact - Better store management

Thanks to Neosperience People Analytics, Deborah Milano has achieved to improve the management of its commercial spaces. Knowing the behavior of its customers in-store, it reacted accordingly and implemented new engagement strategies.

Store managers discovered that certain areas of the shops were visited several times and for a longer time, while others were ignored. Neosperience People Analytics also highlighted which promotions were seen most often, and which went unnoticed.

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Rinascente - ANNEX App

Challenge - Bringing youngest audience to the store

In the era of Customer Experience, creating engaging and memorable experiences must be the goal of every brand. To achieve this target, Rinascente asked us - for the opening of its flagship store in Milan - to create a platform dedicated to increasing customer engagement and loyalty, characterized by a strong social connotation to engage the youngest audience.

Solution - An omni-channel experience

We have therefore created ANNEX, an app that is primarily designed to combine the digital experience with the in-store one. How? Through push notifications located near the store, photo contests and social sharing of contents. To stimulate interactions and user involvement, ANNEX uses a set of techniques - typical of neuromarketing - useful for encouraging desired behaviours and guiding each customer towards the most suitable purchasing choice for them.

Impact - A "viral" community

A few days after the launch, ANNEX was already a national success. The app has involved a wide audience of users, especially the youngest, registering a high number of interactions since the opening of the store. The highly immersive experience - made possible by the app's applied approach to cognitive psychology - immediately attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts, generating a “viral” word of mouth that led to the creation of a real community.

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