Cabana Magazine - Digital Commerce

Challenge - Publishing and Digital Transformation

With the advent of digital, publishing has seen revenues from its traditional activities drop dramatically. Companies that have managed to transform themselves have had to rethink their positioning digitally. Cabana Magazine, an international magazine that deals with furniture and design, has decided to entrust its digital transformation to the Neosperience Group.

Solution - A global Digital Commerce Platform

For Cabana Magazine, the Neosperience Group has developed a multilingual Digital Commerce Platform. In addition to the subscription and the individual issues of the magazine, the platform offers the possibility of purchasing the items made by the brand in collaboration with some of the most important designers in the world.

Impact - An investment immediately rewarded

Cabana Magazine's investment for its Digital Commerce system was repaid in a few hours. In the first month the brand achieved substantial sales margins, tens of thousands of visitors, and an average shopping cart per customer of over 300 euros. The implementation with the brand's Instagram channel brought additional significant revenues.

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Miu Miu - Somebody App

Challenge - Shaping an artistic idea

Is it still possible to devise a new and original digital messaging system? Miranda July, a writer, director, and eclectic artist thought so. Taking up the challenge posed by Miu Miu and the Venice Film Festival, the artist created a small masterpiece for the big screen, Somebody, and asked us to develop a messaging application that could give a “physical” shape to his artistic idea.

Solution - Overcoming the limits of digital communication

Somebody App is a unique messaging platform created by the Neosperience group. Available for Android and iOS, it sets an ambitious goal: to allow the exchange of messages from one user to another, involving, in the delivery phase, a third party (foreign to both). This, being in the vicinity of the recipient, will recite the message to the recipient by voice.

Given the peculiarity of the project, the first activity carried out by the team was the identification of critical issues related to the user experience (UX) and functional logic. The intervention was made necessary by the need to maximize the usability of the app, to create a functional, incisive and memorable service.

In doing so, we have put in place the necessary conditions for the global dissemination of Somebody App, in order to extend the Miranda July community and, consequently, Miu Miu.

Impact - 10,000 active users per day

Over 10,000 active users per day: a great success for an artistic project that has resulted in a tool that reintegrates the human component into messaging systems.

“At launch, in its first iteration, it wasn’t working well, and then Miu Miu and I did a complete rebuild (with Neosperience). That was satisfying. It was really great just to have it work.”

Miranda July

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