Alisea Remotair® - Machine Learning & IoT

Challenge - Improve customer service

Alisea is the number one company in Italy in the management of air handling systems. As a highly innovative company in its sector, Alisea has seized the opportunities offered by technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning to guarantee its customers a more effective, safe and timely service, improving the quality and efficiency of interventions by its technicians

Solution - Remotair®

Thanks to Neosperience technology, Alisea has developed a new product line, with the aim of innovating the maintenance and cleaning of ventilation systems. Remotair® allows Alisea customers to implement methods of remote control of ducts and air handling units.


Data acquired from an engineered IoT board, made together with Coherency, Neosperience partner for hardware development and prototyping, are sent to the AWS cloud, where they are analyzed and made available as alarms and notifications.

IoT firmware and backend components, using Neosperience Industrial IoT technology, are able to provide a synthetic view of filter status, air quality, and the presence of microbiological threats. In addition, the analysis model through deep learning allows the system to automatically determine the cleanliness status of the pipelines.

Impact - IoT and Machine Learning for smarter management

Remotair® is a clear example of the potential that modern Machine Learning and IoT techniques can allow in the industrial field. Real-time data analysis and the dashboard shared between technicians and customers allow Alisea to:


Implement effective monitoring of plants;



Proactively intervene in the deterioration of ventilation conditions, to minimize health risks;



Schedule maintenance of the systems only when necessary;



Reduce the costs of inspecting air handling systems;



Improve customer and employee satisfaction;



Ensure the best safety and health standards;

Thanks to Remotair®, Alisea is now at the forefront in the development of innovative products and represents an Italian excellence in the application of IoT technologies in the industrial field. Remotair®, unique in its kind, is now a differentiating asset that allows Alisea to stand out from its competitors.

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Qucino - Digital Marketplace

Challenge - Renewing the digital offer

The partnership between the Neosperience group and Assogi, a network of companies highly specialized in the production of professional catering supplies, stems from the need to innovate the go-to-market model using the digital channel.

Solution - Rubin Red®

The solution created for Assogi is a marketplace where the equipment of the different manufacturers, who are part of the consortium, is offered. Once the product has been chosen, the user can choose the associated product for possible design, installation and support. The platform provides ample space for all service-related levers that create value for the end user.

Impact - A new business model

Assogi, thanks to this project, stands out as the first consortium that tackles digital in an innovative way by revolutionising the go-to-market model of B2B companies with a view to collaborating to achieve better positioning and increased sales
The advantages obtained from the introduction of the B2B digital commerce platform are: - Improved efficiency in acquiring new customers; - Increased strategic market surveillance; - Reduced sales costs.

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FILA Solutions - Digital Experience

Challenge - A new digital positioning

Fila Solutions, a company specialising in products for the treatment of walkable surfaces, wanted to develop a new digital positioning in order to ensure greater visibility for the company and products.

Solution - A digital presence aimed to drive clients to physical stores

To support the company in the evolution of the digital transformation process, we have created an online portal that offers solutions dedicated to individual markets in terms of products and content. Further emphasis was placed on the visibility of points of sale, which are central to the customer's marketing strategy.

Impact - New visibility and renewed product lines

The online launch of the new project shows a constant increase in visibility, thanks also to the development of content through the company blog.

The effectiveness of the digital channel has led the company to expand the target by introducing a line for the final consumer ("Fai da te") in synergy with the offline sales network.

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