Vivisol - Vivisol MyCare

Challenge - Health and Digital

As life expectancy increases, the needs of patients and the demand for specific care are also growing. The latest technological and methodological innovations are the ideal response to these new needs. In this way, healthcare becomes simpler, more effective, and more customisable.

Vivisol - A SOL group company leader in the management of home therapies - has realised these ongoing transformations and has decided - relying on Neosperience's expertise - to extend its digital transformation path.

Solution - A personalized therapy

To this end, we create the Vivisol MyCare app to support the patients throughout their therapy and that allows, thanks to our Neosperience Skinnable App solution, deep customization of services, interfaces, and communications. We have also taken care of the Vivisol MyCare app brand identity and UX/UI.

Among the various features of the Vivisol MyCare app, we can mention:

QR Code

Interactive and personalised service chart on the individual user, race, or therapy. How? Thanks to the QR Code that is provided to patients in each starter kit.


Informative Content

Even the informative content, such as blog articles, are customized according to the therapy, race, and country of the user.


Digital Commerce

We implement a Digital Commerce in the app, where it's possible to order spare parts or the devices, sold directly by Vivisol.



There are Tutorials on services and products, in order to improve patient awareness and to decrease the interventions of Vivisol technicians.



For the same reason, there is an in-app Chatbot developed to be able to answer the most frequent questions.



To increase user involvement, we implement Gamification dynamics: thus users are rewarded and stimulated to improve their experiences.


Voice Of Customer

Finally, we have developed a Voice Of Customer service that, through questionnaires and chatbot interviews, is able to provide valuable insights to Vivisol regarding the appreciation of its services.

Impact - A unique solution to support patients' therapy

The app is currently being tested, with excellent results, in some facilities for elderly in northern Italy. We will soon be able to give you more information on the impact of this solution on the patient service landscape. We are confident that this tool, unique on the national and international scene, can become a unique example of the use of technology in the health sector.

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Progetto EU R&D - Nestore

Challenge - Improve people's quality of life to decrease healthcare costs

The world of patient care is constantly evolving. As the average age of the population increases, so do the costs to national health systems. According to experts, digital can be the ideal tool to prevent them from becoming unsustainable. How? By guiding the over-65s towards a healthy and responsible lifestyle: by caring for themselves, driven by technology, they can improve the overall quality of their lives, avoiding chronic and debilitating diseases.

This is the purpose of the European Nestore project, in which Neosperience participated.

Solution - The personal coach system for user health

The Neosperience group has made available to the consortium, composed of 16 companies located in 8 different European countries, its expertise and technologies, in particular with regard to:


Design of the project's Brand Identity.



Develop of the App and Social Platform UX and UI.



Sensors integration for wearables and DSS (Decision Support System).


Coaching System

Development of virtual personal assistant coaching dynamics for the user.

Impact - Experimentation and commercial output

Tested in three care facilities for the elderly in Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, the Nestore platform has achieved promising results: the subjects involved in the trial have seen a significant improvement in their physical and psychological state.

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