SDA Bocconi - Business Games

Challenge - Full Digital Teaching

Because of Covid, universities had to reinvent themselves. Bocconi - among the best universities in Europe and in the world - has decided to face change with the aim of innovating its teaching. We were therefore asked to help you create a new full-digital teaching tool.

Solution - Rethinking distance learning

For Bocconi we recreated the traditional practical exercises in a digital environment. How? By developing the online platform where users can participate in so-called business games. A Nudging and Gamification project to make the often alienating moments of online teaching more fun and challenging.

Impact - An help for students

The Neosperience Group enthusiastically participates in this highly successful innovative educational experiment that can teach us so much to improve our software solutions such as Neosperience Nudging Gamification.

In addition, helping thousands of students in the study at this complex time is a source of pride and satisfaction.

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UniCal - Smart Campus

Challenge - More than 25,000 people to control

UniCal boasts the largest campus in Italy. More than 25,000 people who - due to the pandemic - needed a tool to ensure compliance with anti-Covid rules and be able to trace at-risk contacts efficiently.

Solution - The app that manages and stores presences and contacts

Smart Campus is Somos' anti-Covid app, developed together with CalTek and DLVSystem. This allows students to book the place by framing a QR-Code positioned at the entrances of university spaces. The system stores movements, presence times and proximity between people; in case of positivity, the app communicates the risk to the managers.

Impact - A success for students and professors

All those involved - students, professors and administrative staff - expressed their satisfaction with the result achieved by this project.

Several times the tracking system has been activated, ensuring a correct screening of positivities: for example, on October SmartCampus was able to rebuild the network of contacts – in the previous 10 days – of 5 positive students, allowing managers to contact the people involved and organize the test phase with them, preventing the spread of the infection.

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