Benetton - Digital Analytics

Challenge - Giving the right value to every customer

Benetton, a company known worldwide for its fashion line, needed to retrieve qualitative and subjective information about users who visited its e-commerce and newsletter, to ensure an optimal customer experience in one-to-one logic.

Solution - Neosperience User Insight

We then used the Neosperience User Insight Solution on e-commerce and other digital touchpoints of the brand.

By analysing the browsing behaviour of users - through Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning techniques - we were able to derive their subjective characteristics, such as their psychographic profile.

Impact - Deep customization of the experience

This new qualitative information allows Benetton to enrich its Customer Database and to customize communication based on the propensities and subjective characteristics of each customer, both current and potential

We have therefore achieved the ambitious goal of improving the customer experience and increasing their involvement as well as their propensity to purchase.

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Digital Analytics

Analyze user behavior on digital touchpoints to customize the user experience

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Fornasetti - Digital Experience

Challenge - A new digital positioning

Fornasetti, an Italian furniture 
and design brand, needed a new digital positioning to transport the uniqueness of its brand in contemporary times. To achieve this goal, the brand has decided to contact the Neosperience Group.

Solution - Websites and virtual product tours

For Fornasetti we have created the website and take care of its application management and evolution over time. We have also created the 3D virtual tour of on-site products and are taking care of the launch of the new collections.

In 2019, for Milan Design Week, we created the digital strategy for the launch of Fornasetti rugs. 

Impact - A digital experience consistent with Fornasetti's communication style

The Fornasetti website - since the Neosperience Group took care of its development - has achieved very significant traffic and positioning results.

The modern interaction design techniques we have implemented have been perfectly combined with Fornasetti's communication style, ensuring consistency in messages conveyed to customers and brand identity through digital touchpoints. 

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Laura Biagiotti - LB ROMA

Challenge - Create an immersive experience to attract visitors to boutiques

Rome is the Italian city with the largest number of tourists. Laura Biagiotti, who can be said to be the image of the eternal city, wanted to offer an innovative experience to Italian and foreign audiences visiting the city, leading them to discover its beauties and the brand's boutiques.

Solution - LB Roma

For Laura Biagiotti we have developed the LB ROMA app, which allows the user - tourist or citizen - to “browse” the beauties of the Eternal City - and the boutiques of the brand - through 7 interactive itineraries.

Proximity Marketing, Gamification and Content Creation by the same users guide visitors throughout their journey through the city. The app was developed in Italian and English.

Impact - Increase brand awareness and in-store visits

With more than 2000 downloads in the first month, LB Roma has increased the brand's notoriety among foreign tourists, public involvement with the brand and its products, and finally increased visits to stores both in Rome and other Italian cities. Thousands of content were shared 
on social media with the dedicated hashtag #ilikeroma.

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Pinalli - Digital Commerce

Challenge - A new phygital positioning

The needs of Pinalli, one of the most innovative Italian companies in the field of beauty product sales, were very clear: a new digital positioning that supports the dialogue between offline and online, and the creation of their first Digital Commerce.

Solution - Rubin Red®

For Pinalli we have therefore designed and developed an innovative Digital Commerce based on Rubin Red®, a high-performance CSS platform owned by Neosperience. To make navigation faster and more efficient, we have implemented Algolia, a very fast on-site search system.

In support, we have also implemented a digital marketing strategy on the Google Ads channel. Finally - to promote the consistency of the experience even offline - we have developed a version of the eshop dedicated to digital signage (totem) in the physical stores of the brand.

Impact - Increased sales and reputation

The omnichannel strategy immediately showed its potential: Digital Commerce quickly achieved excellent performance with a constantly growing trend, driving the expansion of physical stores nationwide and allowing the company to compete with the most important brands in the distribution of perfumes and cosmetics online and offline.

Since the launch of the platform, sales and visibility have increased thanks to the constant creation and optimisation of Pay per Click campaigns, thanks to specific activities aimed at improving UX and CRO and thanks to the implementation of the mobile version of the platform.

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Rinascente - In a State of Repair

Challenge - Stand out during Design Week in Milan

Rinascente, during the Milan Design Week, wanted to give the city an innovative experience. Standing out in the sea from themed events during the Salone del Mobile has always been complex. Being able to engage the general public on a niche theme, such as design, is even more so. For this reason, Rinascente has turned to the Neosperience group and our decade-long experience in the Digital Customer Experience to create something unique and special.

Solution - In a State of Repair App

To meet the customer's needs, we decided to develop an app for Android and iOS dedicated to the parallel offline event, which would take place in the shop windows and along Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. In a State of Repair, this is the title, wanted to take the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London to Piazza del Duomo, allowing the public to visit two works by the artist Martino Gamper and the palace of the same art gallery in Augmented Reality.

The digital installation was accompanied by an in-app contest. Photos and sharing of the experience on social channels contributed to the memorability and dissemination of the event and allowed users to win shopping vouchers to spend in-store.

Impact - Hundreds of shared content

The experience received excellent ratings from the participating audience; hundreds of photos and content were shared. In a State of Repair app has allowed Rinascente to stand out from the competition and gain the attention of both the audience interested in the Salone del Mobile and those passing by.

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Prada - The Palace

Challenge - Communicating the brand's heritage with innovation

Prada wanted to find a new way to communicate the history and prestige of its brand. The goal was twofold: on the one hand, to involve its customers in a totally immersive and evocative experience; on the other, to show the charm and value of the brand and its products, also allowing them to buy.

In an extremely competitive environment - such as fashion - it is always necessary to stay one step ahead of the competition in order to stand out, especially with regard to technological innovation. Prada has decided to contact the Neosperience group to obtain these results.

Solution - An interactive 3D Digital Commerce

The Palace is the first iPad app that allows users to virtually visit the interiors of an evocative building inspired by the style and charm of the Brand.

The Palace is a multi-platform project combining art and technology. The solution required the design of an innovative product, capable of bridging the gap between the physical and digital world. The user is thus able to navigate freely in a 3D environment, and buy the products displayed with a simple tap.

Impact - An immersive and engaging experience

With The Palace app, Prada has been able to create a new model of e-commerce, where the exploration of the environment is a fundamental element. The Palace is an excellent example of a synthesis between brand and technology, which has given rise to an immersive and engaging experience.

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Rinascente - ANNEX App

Challenge - Bringing youngest audience to the store

In the era of Customer Experience, creating engaging and memorable experiences must be the goal of every brand. To achieve this target, Rinascente asked us - for the opening of its flagship store in Milan - to create a platform dedicated to increasing customer engagement and loyalty, characterized by a strong social connotation to engage the youngest audience.

Solution - An omni-channel experience

We have therefore created ANNEX, an app that is primarily designed to combine the digital experience with the in-store one. How? Through push notifications located near the store, photo contests and social sharing of contents. To stimulate interactions and user involvement, ANNEX uses a set of techniques - typical of neuromarketing - useful for encouraging desired behaviours and guiding each customer towards the most suitable purchasing choice for them.

Impact - A "viral" community

A few days after the launch, ANNEX was already a national success. The app has involved a wide audience of users, especially the youngest, registering a high number of interactions since the opening of the store. The highly immersive experience - made possible by the app's applied approach to cognitive psychology - immediately attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts, generating a “viral” word of mouth that led to the creation of a real community.

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