Haier A.C. Italy - Digital Experience

Challenge - Digitize brand communication

Haier Italia had the need to communicate one of the most important brands in the field of air conditioning in an engaging way, bringing the product and services to the centre of the brand's digital presence. He also needed a useful tool for managing relationships with installers and retailers.

Solution - An organic digital ecosystem between Haier Italia, customers, retailers and installers

Initially we analyzed the Italian competitive context in which Haier Italia wanted to position itself. Since there was no digital point of contact between company and customers, we designed Haier Italia's new site to make the company autonomous in the development and management of new content areas.

The full ERP integration system fielded interfaces the site with company management to aggregate information from resellers, service centers and agents.

Impact - Grow together thanks to digital

Thanks to the new content developed in partnership with us, Haier Italia is gaining new market shares in a highly competitive digital environment.

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Veneta Cucine - Digital Experience

Challenge - Offer a new online channel with a valuable experience

Since 2001, the Neosperience Group has supported the digitisation of Veneta Cucine. In a highly competitive industry, the customer asked us to develop the ideal platform to oversee the online channel.

Solution - Rubin Red®

Over the years for Veneta Cucine we have created institutional websites, promotional landing pages, drive to store geolocalised campaigns, platforms dedicated to retailers and digital storytelling projects.

The development of the brand's online presence has embraced every area of digital positioning with the release in 2019 of the new website, created through the Neosperience Rubin Red® solution.

Impact - Distinguish yourself from competitors in a hyper-competitive market

The strength of the brand, combined with the quality of online communication and initiatives dedicated to the B2B and B2C world, has allowed Veneta Cucine to carve out a unique digital positioning, which today allows it to stand out from the competition and makes it a reference point in the sector.

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Tescoma - Digital Commerce

Challenge - Improving the online customer experience

The partnership between the Neosperience Group and Tescoma was born in 2008 from the need to optimise web presence to boost online sales and to complete the product information comprehensively.

The ultimate goal was to guide the user and engage them in both content and navigation.

Solution - Rubin Red®

For Tescoma we have created an intuitive and dynamic Digital Commerce platform, based on our proprietary Neosperience Rubin Red® solution. To increase customer visibility and sales, we have initiated set-up, set up monitoring and optimized annual advertising campaigns based on the KPIs defined with the company.

Impact - Success at national level

The real challenge, on such an extensive product catalogue, has certainly been to identify an effective browsing process and provide high-value detailed information in order to fully involve the user in the digital experience.

Together with the customer we succeeded, and the success of the project was the starting point for the creation of a continuous relationship with Tescoma that led, in 2017, to the awarding of the site as "Best ecommerce platform" at the Web Marketing Festival in Rimini.

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Moleskine - Moleskine+ App

Challenge - Revolutionizing the in-store digital proposal

Customers today require innovative and engaging in-store experiences from brands: only in this way can retailers hope to compete with digital commerce, which instead focuses on cost-effectiveness and practicality. Moleskine has decided to contact the Neosperience group to create a part of its in-store physical offer, specifically dedicated to the brand's digital-centered products.

Solution - An App for tablets to guide customers

For Moleskine we have created a Tablet application, available by in-store customers, which presents the catalog of all Moleskine+ products. The app has been implemented in all global stores of the brand. Updating the app and the catalog itself is centralized. The store manager, in doing so, must not have particular technical skills.

How does it work?

The customer is initially asked, incentivized by a discount voucher, to complete a questionnaire to find out what “type” of Moleskine customer he/she is. According to the answers, different psychological and behavioural profiles are presented. Each profile is assigned different products, designed precisely to meet the needs of the individual person.

Subsequently, the customer has the opportunity to view the entire Moleskine+ catalog. Each product is accompanied by some illustrative videos that show its functionality.

Impact - Sell products by acquiring new data

Moleskine, thanks to the in-store experience we have created and the digital catalog itself, has been able to involve its audience in new ways, to revolutionise the way in which products were offered and explained and, finally, to retrieve valuable information about its customers.

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Mattel - The Toy Box

Challenge - Reaching the online audience

Mattel needed an app to engage his audience - who in the meantime moved online - and to identify new revenue streams from selling his toys. It was essential to be able to involve two different types of users: children and their parents. To do this, the app had to contain several separate, but complementary, features to meet the needs of both users.

Solution - Selling by entertaining people

To meet Mattel's demands, the Neosperience group has developed the Toy Box app. The app has created engaging experiences to increase brand awareness, boost partner company sales, improve the Mattel product experience and bring more customers into stores.

How does it work?

The Toy Box app offers personalized notifications, Augmented Reality experiences, and the possibility to share contents via social media, asking for community input. The shopping experience is enriched by proximity marketing (iBeacon) and Geolocation to find the nearest store. Another feature is Mattel TV, to entertain users with engaging videos about products, events and the latest news.

Finally, the function "When I was a child” allows the audience to immerse themselves in the memories of their childhood. By choosing a specific year from the past, users can find out which toys were famous at the time.

Impact - A new digital placement

Mattel, thanks to the Toy Box app, has taken a huge step forward in terms of technological innovation and digital positioning. It reached its target audience where it had moved, improved engagement and sales, gave the brand a new contemporary image and opened new channels of contact.

"Thanks to the Neosperience Cloud and its innovative approach to the digital customer experience, we have been able to unlock the magic of mobile technology. We delivered a truly meaningful experience online and offline, that enabled us to create engagement and understand our digital customers"

Filippo Agnello - AD Mattel Italy, Greece and Turkey

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Deborah Milano - Store Analytics

Challenge - Bringing analytics to the physical world

Unlike physical stores, Digital Commerce platforms have much more information about customers; stores - to bridge this gap with digital - must bring the keys to the success of digital analytics tools to the physical world.

Deborah Milano, a leading make-up company, has understood this new need. Its target? Make its promotional campaigns and in-store product placement more effective, and retrieve information about the visitor and in-store staff behavior.

Solution - Neosperience People Analytics

Deborah Milano has decided to contact us to adopt the Neosperience People Analytics solution in three of its stores. How does it work? By installing some cameras in key store environments, they can provide data and information to assess the behavior of people moving around the store and near the entrance.

What information does Neosperience People Analytics retrieve?


How many people pass in front of the store and stop in front of the windows


and Exits

How many people visit the store



How people move around different areas of the store



How customers behave, for example when interacting with products and promotions

To make this data easy to view and use, Neosperience People Analytics automatically generates infographic maps and heat flows.

Impact - Better store management

Thanks to Neosperience People Analytics, Deborah Milano has achieved to improve the management of its commercial spaces. Knowing the behavior of its customers in-store, it reacted accordingly and implemented new engagement strategies.

Store managers discovered that certain areas of the shops were visited several times and for a longer time, while others were ignored. Neosperience People Analytics also highlighted which promotions were seen most often, and which went unnoticed.

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