Retailers & CPGs: Ride Two Horses To Achieve Digital Customer Experience Mastery


Since we started shaping the digital customer experience as the key Neosperience practice, we have learned to study like anthropologists: how and where a shopper looks for a product, walks, when she stops, when she enters a store, what she touches, how long she looks and whether she buys.

And your digital customer experience plays a pivotal role in all this, from the customer’s perspective.

  • Your store’s entrance area is a transition zone, not a good place to put stock or a sign. But geofencing, strengthened by a smart bluetooth device to pop-up a purchase opportunity in order to trigger the visit of a just-in-time casual shopper is a great idea and definitely appropriate.
  • Then, once enter your store, people naturally move to the right. To push a new product, stock it to the right of the most popular brand.
  • To understand how people buy, understand their basic physical needs. If people feel closed in because an aisle is too narrow, they will buy less.
  • Consider your store a “collection of zones.” Map them out and make them active by implementing micro-location targeting and personalized promotions, delivered on your customer’s smartphone based on her social profile, past purchases and behavior analysis.
  • People who come with others will buy more if there is a chair so the non-shopping person can relax and feel comfortable. And once people are sitting still, here’s another opportunity to engage them with their smartphone and jump on your shopping wheel!
  • Parents naturally (and ancestrally) will stay away from a store that seems unwelcoming to children. For seniors, use larger, readable type on packages and signs. Same applies to in-store digital signage.
  • Digital merchandising providing true convenience is more influential than marketing when driving shoppers to buy.
  • If your service is bad, it doesn’t matter how good your stock, prices, location and digital marketing tools are. In this case, right after “mobile-first”, shape a “store assistant-second” capability assessment and empowerment. Employee-focused gamification programs help a lot.

Only stores can offer physical sensations and full social interaction, but your customer-facing app, once properly designed and implemented, delivers a number of benefits: selection, convenience, speed, information, right-time personalization, smart commerce capabilities.

Don’t think digital and physical either/or: your business is driven by these two horses together, just waiting for you to (properly) ride.

How would implementing these changes affect your competitiveness in the market?
And if you were to make this happen, what would it mean for you?

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