Personalize The Digital Shopping Experience Turning Desires Into Needs


Neuromarketing key discoveries of this decade applied to digital customer experience show insights on how to connect with customers in new ways across physical touch points, typically the stores, combined with customer-facing smartphone and tablet apps.

Sophisticated brain scanning machines and physical monitoring devices provide insight into consumer behavior, allowing marketers influence it by adjusting stimuli to draw out a desired mental and physical response in customers during their digital shopping experience.

Going shopping is a pleasurable leisure activity. People enjoy looking for something special, both online – mainly on their mobile devices – and at the store. Successful bargain hunters experience a physical reaction similar to that felt by someone winning a prize or taking a drug. The heart rate accelerates, and the beta waves in the frontal region of the brain vibrate at a high frequency.

Customers don’t differentiate anymore between what they “want” and what they “need.” When they start desiring something, it becomes a want-need and they strive to satisfy that desire.

Digital marketers can increase this longing by using such tactics as:

  • Make shoppers work for their purchases – Searching for bargains among messy, packed racks or negotiating prices makes customers earn a purchase.
  • Create a scarcity – The message is buy now, compete for a scarce item or miss out.
  • That’s not all – Retailers cut prices, offer bonus items or incentives, like buy-one-get-one-free deals.
  • Create a sense of inadequacy – You have bad breath, body odor and stained teeth. A cure awaits in a product or service.
  • Price manipulations – Sellers reduce the amount of product in a package while keeping the same price or they price items at €2.99 rather than €3.

Companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter collect detailed profiles on every user to develop campaigns designed to operate below consumers’ awareness levels.

Similarly, tools like Right-Time Personalization (pdf), one of the main features of the Neosperience Cloud, can generate personalized customer messages using algorithms based on the titanic amounts of detailed personal information available about Internet users and their past purchase and social network profile and behavior.

In the Age of the Customer, customizing your marketing to match users’ preferences and interests, tailoring content marketing and communications based on customers’ known preferences and desires produce a sincere emotional response in recipients.

The resulting connection between people and your brand forms at a deep-rooted level within the brain, causing people to mistake that manufactured connection for personal opinion rather than an instilled commercial message.

Start today building a personalization layer on your digital customer experience strategy to manufacture a deep emotional connection between your brand and some desirable personal goal or worthy aspiration. And never forget to make a wise and ethical use of this immense power.

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