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Start with Your True Why


Society teaches you that you are what you accomplish.

And the level of your accomplishment is rated by external measurements like money and power, not how much good you did, how honorably you acted as an employee or an entrepreneur, or how faithfully you adhered to your values.

If your triumphs – no matter how great – are meant just to impress others or to gain wealth or status, you will feel only hollowness once you’ve attained them.

Pursuing ambitions defined by popular culture and not by your inner standards cannot
satisfy your fundamental human needs. To be fulfilled, you must define your life, work and goals to fit your purpose, starting from your own true why, that comes from your deepest values, at work, at home, in front of your mirror.

To gain meaning and fulfillment, adopt a values-driven approach to your life and work. The way you uphold your values in the face of stress or pressure reveals your true character. Your pursuit of outward success – career, earnings, influence and recognition – will strengthen your values in time. While these goals are relevant, you must carefully direct their purpose, aligning them to your intrinsic values. It might be difficult at first, but in the long run it pays more than everything else, as you as an individual and as a leader in your organization will outperform and outlast all others.

No matter how enormous your gains, if you lie or cheat to attain them – or even if you achieve them honestly but for the wrong reasons – you will fail.

But if you start looking for your true why, seek meaning from your work, if you try to build a sustainable culture, whatever size your organization is, then, my friend, you have already won.

Fashion and Luxury Brands Need to Breathe Fresh Air from the Appmosphere


Fashion and luxury industry’s digital customer experience activities lag behind other sectors and need to catch up.

Fashion goods marketers initially viewed the internet as a mass-market, discount communication vehicle, more direct-marketing and below-the-line.

While they were already wrong in the last decade and missed some opportunities, if they want to stay relevant today they cannot avoid to truly connect with their customers anymore and meet their expectations by delivering them heightened digital experiences anytime, anywhere, personal, and simple.

Now that their wealthy clientele has gone mobile, the fashion and luxury industry needs to engage customers in digital activities that feature “transparency, independence, passion, accessibility, informality” and “interactivity.”

Fashion brands need to start now - going mobile first - and properly target affluent clients:

  • Digital customer experience activities must incorporate and stay true to their brand image.
  • Create an “ambience” or “appmosphere” that arouses all five senses to convey their brand’s personality and message, being true to their core brand essence.
  • Educate younger generations about true luxury and fulfill their shifting expectations.

Fashion and luxury brands should act sooner rather than later: digital customers are already writing their own rules of the game and it will be a tough lesson for brands to learn.

How good is DCX at your company, as rated by your own customers?

I Was (Secretly) Made for Shopping You


After the release of Dash, that allows you add items to your shopping list from anywhere in your home, Amazon is expected to make a bold move in the digital customer experience space next June 18th.

Looking at the teaser video released this week, it looks like the Amazon phone is using sensors to follow the head movements of the customer delivering a 3D experience. Like the parallax effect built into Apple’s iOS 7, but more dramatic.

A phone that could be ideal for shopping, with a large screen, multiple 3D cameras and sensors, capable of tracking the user’s head movements to create a dynamic 3D shopping environment. The cameras on the back of the phone could be used to support showrooming (oh no, it hurts! :), or align the 3D view to allow users see real-world products as if they were physically there.

Following the path of the first 3D experiences powered by Neosperience for organizations such as Benetton (first enterprise Apple case study in Europe), Prada, Mattel, Graniti Fiandre,Eni, Tre, Zegna, Montblanc and BSi, 3D digital customer experience is aiming at new horizons.

Update: The Amazon Fire Phone was finally unveiled, and it looks like a really cool shopping machine

4 Ways You Can Engage Your Audience with Augmented Reality


A number of brands, CPG manufacturers and companies in various industries have started using augmented reality (AR) to enhance their digital customer experience.

Since hype about AR faded in the past years, now it’s time for AR to provide truly effective business benefits.

Typical uses of AR bridge the digital and physical customer experience:

  • Augmenting real-world objects, such as products when the customer is at the point of sale.
  • Discovering places or things in the customer’s vicinity and showing directions.
  • Providing additional information about a product of interest, offering branded information overlays.
  • Combining physical campaigns with branded digital assets.

From whatever angle you look at it, user experience design applied to AR is critical to guide customers through interaction processes and leads to conversion.

With the help of AR, brands can provide useful information and tips based on the context of use of their products with an unprecedented impact.

And while you can keep it simple, don’t underestimate how AR applied to your business requires deep knowledge of human computer-interaction, as well as human body and brain functioning.

Shape your company AR strategy so that your customers don’t need to get out of their comfort zones and adopt unnatural behaviors, take advantage of readily available products like Neosperience Gamification, Product Discoverer or Place Explorer, and dive in the biggest blue ocean today: the internet of your customers!

Think the Store is Dead? Save It Now!


Within the end of this decade, we’re going to see a total integration of the customer experience across physical and digital channels. Already, the customer decision journey has been completely reshaped by the advent of the web, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Smartphone users are showing a +20% strong growth though slowing (who in US and Europe doesn’t have one?) and fastest growth is shown in under-penetrated markets like China, India, Brazil, Indonesia. 5,5B devices in just a few years, compared to 5.2B televisions, sounds incredible.

But as each new computing cycle typically generates 10x of the installed base of the previous cycle, we can expect the Internet of everything have an even wider impact.

CPG manufacturers and retailers need to take customer engagement to the next level, by delivering upon a fundamental need for better and useful customer-facing apps. easy to understand, easy to use, and integrated with CRM and marketing processes.

They need to engage the customer where she walks, when she stops, through what she touches, acting upon how long she looks and whether she buys.

Only stores can traditionally offer physical sensations and social interaction. And digitally empowered stores can engage with customers in a whole new way, deliver the right message on their smartphone, based on their context, location and micro-location, profile, social behavior, relationships and buying intentions.

Stay tuned on

Livin’ The Dream of a New Digital Customer Experience at Apple WWDC


Apple has become a driving force in the enterprise Digital Customer Experience space. Its success in the mobile consumer market has triggered demand to use customer-facing Apps to connect people with brands and products in a number of industries.

For this reason it has become essential for you to connect with customers in a whole new way and meet their expectations to change hearts, minds and actions.

  • Your customers want an experience, not a product.
  • They want to be engaged and share their experience in real-time with other people and receive feedback.
  • They want to be provided with a real-time, connected global marketplace — in which they can interact with other people and you — with any of their devices, starting from smartphone and tablet.

So what are your bets on how Apple is evolving it’s hardware and software ecosystem to improve your digital customer experience and help you better engage with your customers to extend your brand, increase conversions and improve their overall experience.

iOS 8 with Healthbook? OS X 10.10? iWatch or revamped Apple TV? Home Automation Platform?

You bet you are going to know in a few hours!

Post Update: Apple iOS 8 and the Instant Future of Your Digital Customer Experience

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