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Here’s Why Digital Customer Experience in Automotive is So Relevant


Car manufacturers have understood the importance of delivering a personalized and consistent digital experience to customers across all touch devices and in the car.

A native digital customer experience that is more engaging and entertaining for users, regardless of the changing channels through which they interact and purchase.

Equally relevant is the capability to amp up sales efficiency - whether it’s offering recommendations for related products, setting real-time pricing, handing out perks.

We at Neosperience are addressing this challenge via a set of Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, and HTML5 pre-built modules, which render a consistent experience across the different smartphone, tablet and smart TV form factors, delivering customer engagement before the purchase and after, whether drivers are digitally engaged at home, at work, in-store or in-car.

By focusing on connected vehicle innovation, we aim at speeding-up the industry evolution from a product to a customer experience-centric value proposition, turning automotive players into technology leaders.

Thanks to this effort, automotive players will be able to create and access cloud computing resources, data sources and real-time analytics, leveraging sophisticated data - both vehicle and customer-related - to turn big data into big insights for use by third-parties and governments (e.g., traffic infrastructure utilization data), paving the way towards a future leadership in self-driving vehicle offerings.

Neosperience for CarPlay and Android Auto will allow people to use all digital customer experience functionality without actually touching the device. You can jump start by supporting the emerging behavior of vehicle owners in purchasing songs, audio books or movies from within their vehicles, to evolve the vision of self-aware vehicles as the foundation for improving safety and road utilization, optimizing traffic flow, managing drivers’ cognitive load.

How To FIRE Your Customer-facing App


Just finished reading an insightful new book from project management pro and military technology expert Dan Ward. An informative writing with wonderful asides and management war stories.

The insight: the best customer experience platforms and tools aren’t the most expensive and complicated.

And the proper way of doing them can be summarized in the FIRE acronym, inspired by the lean design principles, is embedded in the approach and tools used by some of the best technology developers in the world:

  • Fast” – The shorter the schedule and timeline are, the better your project outcome will be.
  • Inexpensive” – A small budget is more functional than a big budget. Financial capital is not the key factor; intellectual capital is what really matters.
  • Restrained” – Limit the documents you create, the time of the meetings you conduct, the budgets you allocate, the teams you direct and the schedules you set.
  • Elegant” – Shoot for project elements that are pleasingly ingenious and simple. Prioritize true design maturity and true process simplicity.

You are far more likely to deliver top-shelf results when you are working under constraints than when you are getting all the money, time and people you think you need. It seems counterintuitive, but in typical digital customer experience projects, such as customer-facing app developments, leaders who get large budgets, large teams and long schedules are unlikely to meet all – or even most – of their project objectives.

Actually project leaders with the largest budgets are statistically most likely to ask for more money and least likely to deliver an actual working product. The more time and money you spend on the thing, the more complicated it gets, which in turn drives up the cost and schedule even further as we wrestle with all the complexity.

In addition to FIRE, a good complement to maximize your effectiveness as a digital customer experience project leader is NASA’s “Faster, Better, Cheaper” (FCB) program, built on five operating principles:

  1. Do it wrong” – Create numerous “quick-and-dirty prototypes.” Many will fail, but you can learn from your mistakes.
  2. Reject good ideas” – Stay focused on the primary goal for your project.
  3. Simplify and accelerate” – Design your work to be clear and quick.
  4. Avoid innovation for innovation's sake” – For easier, faster testing and operating.
  5. Failure is an option” – If everything works perfectly, you’re not pushing the limits.

In a world of rapid change, long-term projects are a losing proposition:

  • Apply FIRE and FCB, focusing on building things you know how to build, using things you know how to use.
  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, the world is a big place with billions of people and a plenty of tools: be clever, do your research, then choose and use the right platform and partner.
  • Simplicity ain’t simple, while complexity usuallyindicates an immature design.

Your most successful projects will always be the least complicated.

We Want You To Become A Marketing Superhero


Superheroes are archetypes, and coincide with the true mythic hero. They have the power, hear the mystic call. Are sent to Earth to fight evil, their mission. This is the hero, male or female, in its purest form.

As noted by Joseph Campbell, usually the hero's adventure begins when someone is deprived of something or a feeling that something is lacking the experience allowed the members of his society. Then the hero embarks on a series of extraordinary adventures, or to recover what has been lost, or to discover some elixir of life.

We at Neosperience believe that today what is missing is the freedom of the customer: it is now time to free her from the shackles of traditional advertising, a waste of time, from both the marketer perspective, as well as from hers, time which could be used in more interesting and constructive ways.

And we believe that the superhero is the marketer, that we are empowering with superpowers, a manager with extraordinary abilities like being anywhere and everywhere, reading the minds of his customer to become useful and stay at her service, materializing objects right in her hands. In essence, a marketer able to shape a better world by providing a best-in-class digital customer experience that challanges the status quo of his company's wrong beliefs.

This is the marketer for which we have created Neosperience, and wake up every day.

Neuromarketing and the Art of the Digital Customer Experience


Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing research activity that is informed by the findings or insights of brain science.

The key discoveries of this decade applied to digital customer experience allow you to connect with customers in a whole new way across physical touch points, typically the stores, combined with customer-facing smartphone and tablet apps.
Customers are constantly surrounded by brands and messages from marketers and advertisers and what has been understood is that apart from the noise and the misbelief that the rational mind is the purchase driver, actually only subconscious thoughts, feelings and passions drive purchase decisions, that are justified “a posteriori”: rationally after being made emotionally.

Customer-facing mobile apps, capable of understanding the user mood from facial-expression detection, down to the actual monitoring of how the smartphone is held and used, can help marketers engage with customers more effectively, in a marketing world that has become too noisy for a communication that is just visual.

To this purpose, savvy customer-facing mobile app developers:

  • Must blend-in technology and advances in human behavioral research to understand what motivates customers.
  • Exploit such knowledge, including online and in-store behavioral data, to drive customer preference.
  • Rely on a more holistic marketing proposition, based on data collected inside the app, and during the whole customer journey.

Thanks to the level of customer behavior understanding provided by neuromarketing, interactivity between brands and customers will become more relevant, with the help of technology, which now allows customers to stay connected directly and i.e. order customized products from top brands.

Today, an omni-channel digital customer experience can translate into the most powerful brand experience, involving deeper links between the customer and the manufacturer.

In the future, advancements in Augmented Reality will eventually allow manufacturers incorporate a brand platform that fully integrates the five senses, and thanks to a combined participations of app and point of sale, a brand will become a sensory experience that extends beyond the traditional paradigm, which primarily addresses sight and sound.

In a world where about 80% of new products fail, providing a distinct and unique sensory stimuli with positive associations and customer engagement driven by an effective digital customer experience is the most relevant opportunity to boost brand loyalty.

Never forget that the perception of your brand is as good as reality.

Don’t Let Your Digital Manager Jeopardize Your Customer Base


We all agree, I think, to the fact that markets are conversations and that your brand must become a publisher, focusing, in the age of the customer, on establishing a direct relationship with your customers, thanks to their smartphones and tablets, and across all digital channels.

If so, would you please explain to me why you listen to unscrupulous companies around that offer you to participate in improbable kind-of-iBeacon driven coalition programs, with the obvious and only purpose to steal your customer base?

And, more importantly, would you please explain me why you give them credit and like to be fooled?

Doesn’t it come to your mind that if a digital marketing services provider delivers to you a customer engagement service for free, the most likely reason why it’s doing it is that it takes a benefit even if this is not immediately obvious to you, such as your customer base becomes his?

Let's not act as amateurs and let's get to work seriously to our companies’ digital customer experience, allocating the brain and the budget needed to make things right.

Or rather do nothing. But the fact that managers in your company play with fire and foolishly gift your customer base to third-party operators, in exchange for wonderful and equally improbable business results is not just unnecessary, it is criminal!

Rise your hand and stop these digital managers put your company on its knees, before they destroy more value for you and your shareholders.

Discover The Essence Of Digital Customer Experience Innovation


Marketers can improve their innovation techniques, though creativity comes more easily to some than to others.

Successful digital customer experience innovators develop and apply five critical skills:

  1. Practice associative thinking by making connections among various ideas from disparate areas.
  2. Ask questions, be willing to look foolish.
  3. Observe what your customers do, how they do it and why.
  4. Network with people from a range of backgrounds.
  5. Experiment: take something apart, study your customer journey, build models and try simulations.

Innovative managers hire, reward, retain and encourage innovative and open-minded people and systematically follow discovery processes, support questioning and experimentation, and invest in ideas that challenge the status quo, taking advantage of new technologies (i.e. the upcoming iOS 8).

If you want your company to succeed at digital customer experience, what we learned at Neosperience working for many first-class customers is that you as a manager must:

  • Practice creativity skills.
  • Never oversimplify or expect that innovation always succeeds.
  • Ask for help and follow identified practices that correlate with commercial achievement, including strong analytics monitoring, as explained in the DCX 7 steps checklist.
  • Build your own set of key innovation philosophies that instill a deep, companywide commitment to innovation, write them on a post-it note and live by them.
  • Connect ideas from disparate arenas – as the most important skill that triggers associational thinking and support creativity; this will lead to new business ideas that flourish at the intersection of diverse experience, whether it be your own or others’.

Assess your company by considering that innovative organizations are led by innovative leaders. Is yours so? If yes, checked. If not, change your leader. Or change your job.

Start today by assessing whether your creativity skills are strong or weak. Then, identify a compelling innovation challenge that matters. Practice your skills and find a coach to support your efforts. Develop your creative abilities by helping others develop theirs. And beware of wolf.

The eureka moment will then come... when you don't expect.

To help you provide a strategic advantage to your organization, Neosperience has crafted the first DCX 7-Steps Checklist, with requirements and insights for a successful digital transformation. Download the free guide here:

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