Neuromarketing and the Art of the Digital Customer Experience


Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing research activity that is informed by the findings or insights of brain science.

The key discoveries of this decade applied to digital customer experience allow you to connect with customers in a whole new way across physical touch points, typically the stores, combined with customer-facing smartphone and tablet apps.
Customers are constantly surrounded by brands and messages from marketers and advertisers and what has been understood is that apart from the noise and the misbelief that the rational mind is the purchase driver, actually only subconscious thoughts, feelings and passions drive purchase decisions, that are justified “a posteriori”: rationally after being made emotionally.

Customer-facing mobile apps, capable of understanding the user mood from facial-expression detection, down to the actual monitoring of how the smartphone is held and used, can help marketers engage with customers more effectively, in a marketing world that has become too noisy for a communication that is just visual.

To this purpose, savvy customer-facing mobile app developers:

  • Must blend-in technology and advances in human behavioral research to understand what motivates customers.
  • Exploit such knowledge, including online and in-store behavioral data, to drive customer preference.
  • Rely on a more holistic marketing proposition, based on data collected inside the app, and during the whole customer journey.

Thanks to the level of customer behavior understanding provided by neuromarketing, interactivity between brands and customers will become more relevant, with the help of technology, which now allows customers to stay connected directly and i.e. order customized products from top brands.

Today, an omni-channel digital customer experience can translate into the most powerful brand experience, involving deeper links between the customer and the manufacturer.

In the future, advancements in Augmented Reality will eventually allow manufacturers incorporate a brand platform that fully integrates the five senses, and thanks to a combined participations of app and point of sale, a brand will become a sensory experience that extends beyond the traditional paradigm, which primarily addresses sight and sound.

In a world where about 80% of new products fail, providing a distinct and unique sensory stimuli with positive associations and customer engagement driven by an effective digital customer experience is the most relevant opportunity to boost brand loyalty.

Never forget that the perception of your brand is as good as reality.

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