Discovered by Jung, explored by Hillman and more recently by psychologists and marketing experts Carol Pearson and Margaret Mark, brand archetypes are the forms that underlie our deep thought that influence our perceptions, motivations and behavior as customers.

Among these brand archetypes, the Creator represents the artist, the writer, the entrepreneur and the innovator. Mozart and Picasso are symbols of the creator myth. Martha Stewart, Crayola and Singer represent creator brands. The creator brand is essentially nonconformist. A Creator brand positioning might be a good match for your company and digital customer experience if your product encourages self-expression, provides customers with choices and options, helps foster innovation or is artistic in design.

Creator brands are inherently nonconformist. The Creator is not about fitting in, but about self-expression, fostering real innovation and beauty.

The Creator desire is to create something of enduring value, giving form to a vision. Ultimately, what the Creator desires is to form a work of art so special that it will endure. And, in this way, the Creator achieves a kind of immortality.

Palm Pilot, for those of you who remember it, got almost instant brand recognition marketing the device with pictures of artistic and successful people holding it. In these ads, the company was not just selling the Palm Pilot and what it could do; rather, they were selling the symbolic value of the artist’s life. Its success was therefore amplified by the fact that both men and women love brands that help them release the Creator within.

Creator organizations are found in the arts, in design, in marketing, and in other fields requiring a high degree of imaginative and “out-of-the-box” thinking. Examples include: Lego, Sony, Swatch, 3M.

A Creator identity may be right for your brand if your product’s function encourages self-expression, provides the customer with choices and options, helps foster innovation, or is artistic in design.

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