How To Use Beacons To Engage Customers: The Mattel App Experience


Over the last few months we have highlighted the influence of new technologies on innovative engagement strategies in the Age of the Customer. We have also emphasized how Smart Bluetooth beacons can improve in-store customer experience. The new release of Mattel’sLa Scatola dei Giocattoli app, developed by Neosperience, gives us the chance to describe this retail revolution where Apple’s iBeacon technology is used to serve right-time content to nearby customers and drive conversion rates at brick-and-mortar stores.

In the era of mobile mind shift, the retail customer experience is always nourished by technology and aimed to enhance the connection between brands and clients, taking advantage of engagement and gamification dynamics. Beacons – small devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy – make the perfect companion for this strategy. The world of toys built through the years by Mattel is renewed by Neosperience Engage, an end-to-end mobile marketing solution that delivers upon a fundamental need for better and useful customer-facing apps, easy to understand and use.

With the use of proximity marketing technology and personalized call-to-actions, smartphones come alive when customers are near or inside the store, allowing brands to engage them with location-based content and personalized offers. La Scatola dei Giocattoli app works as an ideal bridge linking the digital world of the smartphone to the physical store in innovative and more compelling ways, aiming both at the rational and emotional perception.

The third pole of this partnership is the large-scale Bennet, first retail chain in Italy to take advantage of beacons. The choice to focus not only on retail shops but also hypermarkets is ideal to increase customers’ benefits exponentially. This is how the connection between the app and iBeacon works: whenever the user is near or inside a selected store, a push notification will wake up her smartphone, delivering a message and recommending her to watch a brief product of the month promo. A non-intrusive action rewarded with an exclusive discount voucher.

Personalized offers through push notification create the missing link to connect two worlds – at first glance – distinct and disconnected. Beacons offer an incredible opportunity to improve content marketing for the Age of the Customer, an era where the customer (not the brand) should be at the core of every business strategy. With Neosperience Engage, Mattel is taking part in the retail revolution driven by mobile and disruptive devices, an ultimate passage defined by personalized customization, me-commerce and in-store engagement.

Innovation is the beating heart of digital customer experience: companies need to be able to offer information and promotions tailored on customers’ habits and preferences, creating a continuing and flawless dialogue between brand, products and clients. This is the only way to boost the shopping experience, leading retail firms to – finally – embrace digital transformation, a process that is redefining the boundaries of our daily life.

If you want to ensure a strategic advantage to your organization, discover Neosperience Engage, the end-to-end mobile marketing solution to help brands engage with customers by delivering personalized experiences to customers close to, or inside the store.

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