How To Connect With Your Digital Customers


Digital Customer Experience (DCX) is defined as the sum of all digital experiences customers have with a supplier of products or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier.

It’s implications span beyond technology investments — to engage customers with digital tools at every touchpoint — into the realms of marketing, infrastructure, organization and leadership.

Reviewing the ontology of digital customer experience, there is a disparity between this “experience as everything” definition and a more practical meaning: experience in a personal and memorable way, that creates a distinct economic offer, different from the products or services delivered, that allows to connect with customers in a whole new way across smartphone and tablet, computer, smart TV, connected objects, and internet-of-things -enabled physical stores.

This is a more specific and actionable definition, that shows the urgency for most organizations (apart from pure players like Apple and Amazon), to realign or do new investments in technology and business models.

Good digital customer experience — the perception people have of their interactions with your organization — keeps them coming back again and again and is today the most critical differentiator. Your customers are dazzled by digital experiences that are enjoyable, innovative, and contextual. How are you going to keep up delivering on your brand promise at each point of the decision process?

It s now essential to meet your customers’ expectations by delivering them heightened digital experiences anytime, anywhere, personal, and simple:


  • Your customers want an experience, not (just) a product.
  • They want to be engaged — storytelling and gamification help — share their experience in real-time with other people and receive feedback.
  • They want to be provided with a real-time, connected global marketplace — in which they can interact with other people and you — with any of their devices, starting from their smartphone and tablet.

For them

  • They want to receive personalized content and benefits.
  • They expect they can go direct with your business.
  • They expect to live a purchase experience which resonates the behavior of the elite of society prior to the Industrial Revolution, moving beyond outdated one-size-fits-all and mass customization model.

Their own way

  • They want you to deliver support online or in-store. Set up an appointment with a store assistant as they like.
  • They want to visit your store digitally, and discover your products as if they were physically there, with any of their devices.
  • They want to locate the closest point of sales/service, know when it’s open, be guided there.


  • They want to do all these things easily and with any of their devices, seamlessly syncing their digital experience through their personal cloud.

We’ve entered the Age of the Customer — an era where a focus on customers matters more than any other strategic imperative.

Digital customers’ perceptions of the experience you deliver at every touchpoint have a profound impact on your business metrics ranging from brand equity and customer loyalty to increased revenue and cost savings.

“There are going to be seven billion smartphones in everybody’s hands in the next five years. Now, everybody is a digital customer, so doing things digitally is no longer a niche. Doing things digitally is how the entire world communicates.”
– Angela Ahrendts, former Burberry’s CEO, Head of Retail Apple since mid-2014 

Look at every dimension of your customer digital experience, mapping out the digital customer journey first, then paying attention to everything that affects the customer’s disposition while looking for a product from you or one of your competitors, deciding to buy, and while actually buying and using it.

The steps are:

  1. Shape your buyer personas as generalized representations of your ideal customers.
  2. Map their digital customer journey describing their behavior as the interactions at the different touchpoints with your brand and product.
  3. Design the experience, mobile first: use the 7 Steps DCX Checklist.
  4. Build the platform linking your content marketing and DCX.
  5. Launch, monitor, learn and innovate, to improve continuously.

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