Archetypes are the strange attractors of consciousness. You attract customers when your message is congruent with a brand and digital customer experience archetype that is either dominant or emerging in their consciousness.

Among these, the Magician believes in understanding the rules and using them to accomplish specific goals. He has traditionally been the shaman and is at the forefront of great scientific changes. Star Wars’ Yoda, but also Mary Poppins, well represent this archetype.

His identity might be good for your brand and digital customer experience if your product or service is transformative as its promise is to transform the customer, it is user-friendly, it helps to expand or extend consciousness and it is priced in the medium to expensive range.

The most famous Magician in Western culture is Merlin, who looks in his crystal ball and predicts the potential for Camelot. His motto today could be: getting things done!

Entrepreneurs are often magical, as are athletes. Spiritual ideas linking inner consciousness with outer performance are yielding miraculous results in the business and sports worlds. Magical people often have dreams that other people see as impossible, yet it is the essence of magic to have a vision and then walk right into it.

To them, consciousness precedes existence: when things go wrong, magicians look inward to change themselves, rather then trying to change the world outside.

The most consistent images associated with this character are signs in the heavens — rainbows, shooting stars, a galaxy, flying saucers — which tend to reassure us that we are not alone in the universe. Other images include caves, crystal balls, magic wands, capes, and, of course, the magician’s tall, pointed hat.

This archetype is very strong in charismatic politicians, business leaders, and, in fact, the whole field of marketing, trading as it does on the influence of human consciousness on behavior.

Customers are dazzled by digital experiences that are enjoyable, innovative, and contextual. How are you going to keep up?

Being inspired by this archetype, you can plan, implement and deliver continuously evolving experiences in the age of the customer:

  • Start defining your DCX most important use cases, business value, and outlook for the most relevant digital customer experience technologies, to deliver an immediate and long lasting business benefit; follow the the 7 steps digital customer experience checklist.
  • Provide your customers with a real-time, connected global marketplace — in which they can interact with other people and your brand — with any of their devices, starting from smartphone and tablet.
  • Allow them to do all these things easily and with any of their devices, seamlessly syncing their digital customer experience through their own personal cloud.

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