How Gamification Will Deliver The Ultimate Digital Customer Experience


In the past decade, we have seen the initial building of a social media layer across the world. Even though other companies were involved and are still exploring it, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have defined how that layer appears.

The next decade will be the decade of games. We will see and use it more and more to influence behavior, and have fun playing.

People enjoy competing, playing games and winning. They also revel in watching other people compete, as demonstrated by the popularity of talent shows. People relish the process of participating in a game, even if the prizes are small, symbolic or virtual.

In digital marketing, a game layer will spread across the world replacing traditional loyalty marketing as the most effective tool. If scoring points, getting to higher levels in a game or completing progress bars motivates people, why shouldn’t those elements of fun work in business and in shaping a new and more effective digital customer experience?

Loyalty programs already use game dynamics, but they are not yet fun. With game dynamics, you can influence how people act. Consider these examples as some of the most used, among the 47 gamification dynamics supported by Neosperience:

  • Appointment dynamic – In real life, a happy hour, a promotion offering cut price gelatos, coffees or drinks, draws people to go to a certain bar at a certain time. Experiences developed in b2b2c projects like Carpigiani MyGelato App and Network, but also b2e (business-to-employee) trade gamification initiatives, for shoe manufacturer and retailer Bata proved this concept to be far more relevant than we initially imagined. Why don’t we move forward, in example by inventing a game that spurs people to take their medicine on time and gives them points for doing so?
  • Influence and status – Ruler brand American Express offers a perfect example. People want their expensive “black” card because it certifies status.
  • Progression dynamic – LinkedIn employs a progress bar to give users incentives to enter more information, increasing the value of their customer database exponentially, according to Metcalfe’s Law.
  • Communal discovery – Twitter and Facebook uses this dynamic: People work together to improve the relevance of stories.

Bring these concepts to the physical world thanks to Smart Bluetooth beacons and NFC tags to let people find objects (why not your products?) and places (why not your retail locations?), and you will have combined content marketing, gamification and digital customer experience to build a marketing machine able to influence customer behavior and let people experience your brand and products like never before.

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