Engage Your Customers with a Digital Car Showroom


Whether on an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet, PC/Mac, web, Facebook,
 gaming console or Google Glass, a Digital Car Showroom allows automotive manufacturers and dealers to engage customers with a powerful immersive experience, surpassing the boundaries of time and space, where context augments cognition and gamification delivers massive business results.

Its objectives are multiple and compelling:

  • Give value to the dealers and the brand.
  • Offer an emotional brand experience by allowing customers live an immersive exploration of a 3D branded space, memorable, bringing a digital experience close to the one you would have in an Apple Store, being able to see, touch, caress the car models.
  • Get all this without requiring the huge transformations and investments that would be required in the physical world.

A multi-brand immersive car showroom in 3D will dazzle your customers, gauge their reaction and trigger feedback as they can explore and interact with your car models.

A Digital Car Showroompowered by Neosperience allows total freedom of movement: users can navigate your showroom and configure car models by swiping the screen, viewing details tap-by-tap on their smartphone, tablet or computer as if they were physically in your store, simulating gravity, topography, locomotion and communication, all seamlessly integrated with pre-existing CRM systems and sales processes.

This experience stimulates the kinesthetic learning and social networking sharing, engaging users with content relevant for their own interests in the 3D environment, which translates into a unique experience for each user. An experience that can be further enhanced by offering a Car Driving Simulator.

Visitors will live a previously unheard-of level of engagement and customer experience, allowing you, as a car manufacturer or dealer, combine the best of two worlds:

  • Deliver immersive digital product presentation in 3D
  • Implement a lead generation program to follow up the contacts and driving them to the store

Your brands’ model range can be presented in a best-in-class 3D digital environment, where its lovemark location: Apple App Store and Google Play Store, makes your Digital Car Showroom more than simply an additional retail outlet.

Furthermore to deliver a memorable experience to first time visitors, your Digital Car Showroom will be able to evolve into a meeting place for car enthusiasts, where they get engaged and make contact with you anytime, anywhere, with any device and at their own pace.

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