During this year Neosperience has seen many revolutions. 

We are now listed on AIM Italia, we have welcomed new realities, even if very different from us, and we have decided to offer the world a unique idea.

Last Thursday we took the opportunity to build a bridge, through the company party, to become more open internally and externally.

Although there are many reasons that are good for celebrating , we have decided to dedicate the evening to the new members of our big family.

Getting to know each other in an informal environment was certainly the best way to start building something new together. We laughed, teamed up and learned from the people we met. Isn't this the goal of every party?

Empathy is the word we have chosen to define us being together. 

It has always been the most relevant word for us and it was right to share our idea of responsible business with those who have recently joined us. Mikamai, Jack Magma, LinkMe, Value China and Somos; all unique realities that we have chosen for their great intrinsic human value.

We want to thank the clients who took part in the celebrations alongside us; laughter is certainly a good omen for our future together. Moreover, a big thank you for those who have contributed to the organization and success of the party.

Finally, thanks to all of us, new and old Neosperience members. This evening showed how far we have come together considering the work done as a group, which can only be the prelude to a bright future.