Dario Melpignano at the 51st National Conference of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria

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Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, spoke on Friday 24 June at the 51st National Conference of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria in Rapallo with a speech entitled "The Intelligent Enterprise".

Together with journalist Davide Parenzo, Dario discussed the prospects that artificial intelligence offers for the health and economy of the country in front of an exceptional parterre, composed of prominent personalities of Italian politics, institutions and entrepreneurship.

Intelligent enterprise, according to Dario Melpignano, is able to adapt to change, survive and prosper:

If today the primacy of intelligence is in the so-called "emotional intelligence", our companies must first learn to be empathetic, that is, capable of adapting to the changing time of the new globalization.

Empathy is also at the heart of Neosperience's commitment in the field of health.

On Rapallo's stage Dario Melpignano successfully demonstrated how Neosperience Health uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the performance of pre-analytical and diagnostic processes.


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Instead, below you can download the ebook on the 6 key qualities for an empathic enterprise, that is the continuum of Dario's intervention on Italo Calvino's American Lessons.


Towards a new business model

The era of the new globalization has begun: today's and tomorrow's CEOs will have to overcome the Taylorist-Florist approach to work as soon as possible and integrate technology into their baggage of experiences.

Only by bringing emotional intelligence into play and leveraging empathy will it be possible to create greater business value than the sum of the parts, capable of harnessing the potential of digital.

The Mediterranean, Melpignano stressed, citing personalities of the caliber of Federico Faggin and Giulio Tononi, is a hotbed of entrepreneurial talents. Precisely from this context, in fact, an alternative company model to the Californian technological oligopoly comes to life.

And it is precisely from an author very far from Silicon Valley that Dario has taken inspiration to outline the qualities of the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow, which Neosperience already puts into practice day after day: Italo Calvino.

As his American Lessons suggest, now more than ever we need lightness, speed, accuracy, visibility, multiplicity and coherence to face the future.

Italo Calvino lezioni americane

Look again at Dario Melpignano's speech at the 51st National Conference of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria at this link and discover the solutions that Neosperience offers companies for a digital transition to the power of empathy:

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