What is the key to building a successful organization in the digital age? It will be discussed at Think 2018, the week-long event organized in Milano by IBM, a real journey through the world of cloud and artificial intelligence.

Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, illustrates how companies need to use technological innovations to build personal and useful relationships with their customers. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 6 at 15:30 with the panel "Strengthening Customer Engagement with Artificial Intelligence".

The disruptive power of the digital transformation has involved - sometimes with overwhelming effects - every industry and internal function of the organizations. The smartphone, at the forefront of this innovative process, has stopped being a simple channel, to become a real proxy of the customer.

The path of change towards digital and emerging technologies has forced Brands to move towards an increasingly customer-centered model. Working on customer engagement means precisely this: delivering personalized customer experiences, overcoming the problems that derive from the fragmentation of tools and channels.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” With this famous phrase, Theodore Roosevelt had already exemplified the value of the customer experience well before the actual start of the digital revolution. You will never be able to engage and retain your customers if you do not know them in the first place.

As a matter of facts, accelerating digital transformation means adopting a mobile-first approach, identifying insight in real time and using this information to build and strengthen the empathic relationship with the customer. This translates into the development of personalized experiences that retain and increase the value of the Brand.

The future of customer engagement, with a focus on the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence, will be the heart of Dario Melpignano's intervention at Think Milano, in a panel moderated by Dicran Babayantz, IBM Watson Customer Engagement Business Unit Leader Italy.

Here is the complete agenda of the round table:
Wednesday, June 6 from 3.30 PM to 5 PM - Hall III

Cloud & Data / Artificial Intelligence for Business

- Dario Melpignano, CEO at Neosperience, "visionary" and Mobile Digital Business pioneer for USA-Europe
- Laura Iacovone, Mktg Professor in Competitive Analysis Consumer & Shopping Behavior and Advertising
- Alessandro De Biasio, Partner and Board Member, Head of Strategy and Innovation Practice The European House Ambrosetti
- Alessia Scarpocchi, Mktg Director Apoteca Natura Strategies & Web Aboca Group

For further information about the agenda and to register, please head to Think 2018 official page.

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Introducing The Next Generation Store [VIDEO]

The smartphone is at the forefront of a digital transformation that is quickly disrupting the physical identity of the retail store.

Customer behaviors, tastes, and needs are continuously rewritten by technology. The keywords to understanding this shift are personalization and relevance.

In the age of mobile screens, a successful model of content delivery needs to reflect this change.

Netflix constantly upgrades its list of films and TV series to reflect the preferences and habits of the user. Amazon adapts its e-commerce showcase to offer the most relevant products based on the context and the history of purchases.

People expect customized content, products, and offers. If this happens on your smartphone, why are you not doing the same in your store or agency?

A store that becomes smart and is able to communicate with customers one to one may mark a turning point in many industries, from fashion, to retail and financial services.

The ability to create a memorable and innovative customer experience is essential if you want to achieve the most ambitious business results.

Creating compelling digital experiences, also in-store, is crucial but is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive task. It's time for something better, something easier, something smarter.

With Neosperience Cloud, the creation of the Next Generation Store becomes easy.

Also, if you have not done yet, download The Mobile Engagement Playbook, a collection of relevant insights based on many years of Neosperience's expertise that'll help you to overcome the challenges of the digital transformation and grow your business exponentially.

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Neosurance Wins The Insurance IoT Europe Award 2016 In London


While we prepare to salute the arrival of summer, we can add a new prize to Neosperience and Digital Tech boards: Neosurance, the scalable and secure Digital Snack Insurance Platform, has won The Insurance Nexus IoT Europe Award 2016.

The award, hosted as a part of the Insurance IoT Europe Summit in London, has brought together the leading companies at the forefront of the connected insurance industry to celebrate innovation and exemplary performance.

The aim of the Summit was to connect the leading insurers with the innovative companies that master technology to shape the future of insurances by connecting people and things.

Submerged in a world gone mobile, we live in symbiosis with devices that gather and analyze information about our habits and behaviors. Our smartphone, smartwatch, activity tracker, the Internet of Things, different sources of data that tell everything you need to know about health.

In a business perspective, these data can be used to predict the quality of our lifestyle, and tailor-cut the products to fit the needs of customers better. Insurance firms must welcome and embrace this evolution, to overcome the challenges of their digital transformation.

The Insurance Nexus IoT Europe Award 2016 attracted over 150 nominations, divided into five categories designed to put a spotlight on the achievements of companies that are “pushing the envelope in digital innovation, customer engagement, and service differentiation.”

Neosperience and Digital Tech, with their Neosurance participated company and product portfolio, have been selected as the leading Insurance IoT Newcomer, whose idea lays a solid foundation for future growth in InsurTech and Insurance IoT.

This award joins the list of recognitions gathered by Neosperience over the last few years, including 2015 Italian and Alpine Corporate Venture Forum Award. Health Insurance Aviva Award. Top Innovation Award Italy - appointed by the President of the Italian Republic to the best tech company. Mobile Marketing GrandPrix. Gartner Cool Vendor. Red Herring Top 100 Global. The most prestigious global awards in the technology world.

Download The Mobile Engagement Playbook, a collection of relevant insights that'll help you to overcome the challenges of the digital transformation and grow your business exponentially.

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The DCX 7-Steps Checklist [VIDEO]

What is the most relevant contribution of mobile technology in the everyday life? We live in constant connection, in a world that unravels online and offline at the same time. The evolution of customer behaviors leads to the disruption of business.

Even the reluctant product-centric organizations must switch to a customer-centric approach, in a world where the focus on the digital customers matters more than any other strategic imperative.

How can you engage and monetize customers? How can you foster their loyalty and stay top of mind? When dealing with digital customers, the old marketing questions need brand new answers.

In a mobile ecosystem, the constant flux of emerging technologies shakes up the way you connect and communicate with customers. An excellent product, therefore, is not enough to ensure you a competitive advantage.

You need something more; something that shifts the focus from the inside to the outside. That is the moment when an excellent digital customer experience becomes your most critical differentiator.

The customer experience is the result of all the interactions a customer has with your brand, across the different stages of the customer journey, online and offline. This perception is extremely personal, but it can be influenced by your strategic activities.

How can you improve the perception people have of your organization? What are the essential qualities of the perfect customer experience? What are the requirements to overcome the challenges of the digital transformation?

To answer to these - and many more - questions, Neosperience has crafted the first DCX 7-Steps Checklist, a comprehensive methodology that will help you create memorable mobile moments for customers through every connection they have with your brand, all day, every day.

Launched in 2014, The DCX 7-Steps Checklist has since encountered a growing success. Now it returns with a new look, an introductory video that explains why and how you should realign investments towards mobile to reshape the customer experience and effectively engage and monetize digital customers.

You can also download The DCX 7-Steps Checklist in .pdf version here:

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Neosperience Innovations At The First AWS Summit in Italy


The AWS Summit arrives in Italy and Neosperience could not miss the chance. The 2016 edition has seen the world series of Amazon Web Services Summit for the first time in our country, and Neosperience was at the forefront as sponsor and technology partner of the event.

The Summit, held at Mi.Co. Milano Congressi, presented a unique opportunity for Italian companies to discover the latest news on technological innovation issues, from machine learning to smart data, mobile and the new dynamics of engagement.

Thanks to its vision, which incorporates the knowledge of the customer experience processes, design innovations and mobile development, Neosperience represented at the Summit the solutions that support organizations that face the path of digital transformation, starting from the centrality of the customer.

In a time when marketing certainties fade away, we need innovative tools to innovate products and business strategies. Today, the capability to engage and monetize digital customers, creating memorable experiences on all devices - starting from your smartphone - is imperative.

The Exhibition Area of the AWS Summit became the ideal platform to focus the attention of managers and entrepreneurs on the value of digital customer experience, which even in Italy has now become the priority.

It is no coincidence that Gartner, in a report released last year, has predicted that the digital customer experience will be the primary element of brand differentiation on digital markets by 2020. If you want to stay top of mind, a high quality product is not enough. You need to connect with people and be memorable.

With the testimony of Prada, Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, anticipated the innovations of the Neosperiece DCX Cloud, focusing on new services that enhance the platform: from machine learning to the evolved membership and loyalty dynamics of the relationship economy, illustrating the best practices and success stories of customer engagement and monetization.

To help you provide a strategic advantage to your organization, Neosperience has crafted the first DCX 7-Steps Checklist, with requirements and insights for a successful digital transformation. Download the free guide here:

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Neosperience Wins The 2015 Italian Corporate Venture Forum Award

Neosperience is off to a great final rush in this successful year, bringing home the 2015 edition of the Italian Corporate Venture Forum Award.

Neosperience has been chosen among 37 innovative companies, awarded as the first Digital Customer Experience Cloud, a leading-edge business technology that empowers organizations to engage and understand their digital customers.

The Italian Corporate Venture Forum Award, organized by Europe Unlimited in cooperation with Intesa San Paolo and Torino Chamber of Commerce, aims at promoting cutting-edge companies across the technology spectrum of Digital, Healthcare, Smart systems, Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Technology.

This important recognition comes in the wake of the 2015 Alpine High-tech Venture Forum Award and the 2015 Aviva Digital On, reward of Neosperience’s leading-edge business technology and the ability to combine mobile, social, information and cloud to deliver the ideal digital customer experience across all touch points and devices.

In a world shaped by disruptive technologies, where the smartphone becomes the first screen and the primary reference in the customer journey of empowered customers, the Italian Corporate Venture Forum Award strengthen the relevance of technology developed to encourage and ease digital transformation.

The award joins the list of recognitions gathered by Neosperience over the last few years: the Top Innovation Award Italy 2014 - appointed by the President of the Italian Republic to the best tech company of the year; the International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix 2014; Gartner Cool Vendor and Red Herring Top 100 Europe and Global, the most important global awards in the technology world.

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Neosperience Trendwatch #2 – Insights For Your Digital Strategy

To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.

Nothing beats inspiration when you need learn how to improve your digital strategy. With this in mind, here at Neosperience we stay always with eyes wide open, ready to catch insightful examples of digital transformation.

The best source of information can be everywhere around you, and the risk is to get lost in the search. But we have done the hard work for you, and that is where the idea of Neosperience Trendwatch comes from.

Here you find issue number 2 of Neosperience Trendwatch, born to be a collection of useful insights and news about the latest trends in mobile marketing, technological disruption and digital customer experience.

Digital customer experience is an holistic field that gathers together different disciplines and expertise, reflecting the complex customer journey map of the mobile era.

The Apple Tv experience, mobile engagement apps, retail reinvention, social branding campaigns, virtual reality tools: in Trendwatch #2 you will find this and much more.

So, take your seat and enjoy success cases and best practices from the most innovative companies, to get meaningful ideas to innovate your digital customer experience and plan effective digital transformation strategies.

You can download the .Pdf version here.


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Neosperience Wins the Alpine High-tech Venture Forum Award


The year goes on great for Neosperience, winner of the 2015 Alpine High-tech Venture Forum Award. Neosperience has been chosen based on its products/technology performance and its ability to combine the best techniques of mobile, social, information and cloud to deliver the ideal experience to every customer, on every screen.

Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, has received the award during the ceremony that took place in June 25, 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the end of the Forum, co-hosted by the Swiss Chairmanship.

The Alpine High-tech Venture Forum is organized to promote innovative companies across the technology spectrum of Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Technology.

After the 2015 Aviva Digital On prize, another award comes as recognition of Neosperience’s leading-edge business technology in the digital customer experience market domain.

The Alpine High-tech Venture Forum Award joins the list of awards received in the last few years by Neosperience, highlighting the relevance of the technology developed to help companies implement their digital transformation.

It comes in the wake of important recognitions: the Top Innovation Award Italy 2014 - appointed by the President of the Italian Republic to the best tech company of the year; the International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix 2014; Gartner Cool Vendor and Red Herring Top 100 Europe and Global, the most important global awards in the technology world.

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Facebook Messenger + Customer Experience: The Human Algorithm of DCX


"I don't know anyone who likes calling businesses. It's not fast or convenient, and it definitely doesn't feel like the future". These words opened the F8 Developer Conference, where we have witnessed the evolution of Facebook from social network to conversation platform between brands and customers.

The quote by Mark Zuckerberg is also a good starting point to understand the value of the human algorithm in the digital era, and how the new idea of Facebook Messenger will impact digital customer experience (DCX).

The opening keynote by the founder and CEO of the largest social media site in the world carried very good news to all those customers constantly facing bad customer experiences, online and offline. The evolution of Facebook, in fact, will bring to a seamless streamline of the purchase process, from awareness to post-purchase customer service. All centered around Facebook Messenger, so that you won't need to ever leave the big platform.


The heart of the matter: we have now entered the new era for customers, where physical and digital converge into an omni-channel customer journey, shaped by mobile devices. In such a flowering of disruptive technologies, you might think that the ‘human factor’ is not as critical as it was in the pre-Internet era.

This is far from being true, and the F8 conference proved that Facebook is well-aware of the importance of human beings in the digital transformation. It's not a coincidence that Zuckerberg has called the new identity of Facebook a ‘family of apps’ rather than a single social network. A growing platform - with Messenger at the core - to best serve an ever growing audience of users and customers.

The centrality of the messaging outlets - with the launch of Messenger Business and the integration of WhatsApp in the Facebook newsfeed - is the perfect exemplification of how markets have become conversations, forcing brands to evolve into publishers. Despite the fact that we live in an increasingly automated ecosystem - or maybe precisely for this very reason - customers demand a more human connection during all moments-of-truth of the purchase process.


Social media have had a major role in the revolution of society and human relations, but now they need to take a further step to increase the human factor in 'business relations'. Facebook is guiding the second social revolution, transitioning from a single network into a complete service platform - a family of apps dedicated to people and companies:

  • Content sharing (branded and user generated stories);

  • Instant messaging (and real-time customer service);

  • People focused analytics (for tailor-cut contents and solutions);

  • Targeted advertising (banner versus in-app contents);

  • Internet of Things (with the acquisition of Parse);

  • Social shopping (search, pay and buy without leaving Facebook);

  • Virtual reality (with the Oculus Rift headset).

All elements will combine to offer a complete - people and mobile first - customer journey, to deliver personalized experiences and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. That’s where Facebook is headed for: with 890 million daily active users (as of February 2015), the goal is to become the most important communication tool in the world. A tool that people will use not just for personal purposes but also to deal with brands and make business.

The business side of the website is already critical but in the near future Facebook will offer a more integrated platform where companies can build their identity and image (we all know the value of social world-of-mouth), but also manage the connection with every single customer (in terms of engagement, loyalty, support and gamification).


Facebook is paving the way for all other brands, to create a new paradigm focused on "discovery, engagement, expression". We are rapidly moving towards markets where impersonal organizations will transform into human brands, and people - not products - will become the center of every digital marketing strategy. This is the human algorithm, part technology and part communication.

For decades companies have created their strategies relying on the power of top-down communication and advertising, regardless of the different need and desires of real clients. In the new era, the so-called Age of the Customer, this would never work. Empowered customers demand a new two-ways approach, in the name of active involvement and engagement.

In this perspective, Facebook is focusing on the centrality of human connection, where all relations are mediated by objects/devices and machines don’t even need human intervention to communicate. Many companies already use social media as part of the customer care service, but Messenger Business will add the ability to engage users in a one-to-one communication in real-time. To give them help whenever they need it, wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

This evolution will affect - more than all other industries - retail and e-retail. The reason is simple: in the digital years an E-Commerce firm can’t be reduced to a website, the same way a brick and mortar is not just a plain store. They both need to ‘evolve to involve’ people into a complete stream that includes showcase, purchase, new means of payment, and customer service.

Facebook Messenger for business is the key to understand the (r)evolution of digital customer experience: the inefficient flow of pre-formatted Emails will be replaced by a consistent communication, to share ideas and accompany the client across all steps of the purchase. Engaging him with a proficient and open conversation about the product you sell and he wants to buy.

The Human algorithm, rooted in data but nourished with mutual understanding, will always be critical to improve customer retention: if one sale can be the result of a good push advertising, there's no doubt that repeat sales only come from a compelling and satisfying experiences.

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Social media trends are crucial for a better customer experience management. That's why why we have included social relations in the DCX 7-Steps Checklist, a useful guide crafted by Neosperience, with requirements and insights for a successful digital transformation. You can download the free paper here:

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How Proximity Marketing Changes Retail Customer Experience


Bluetooth, iBeacon and smartphones: what are they doing in the same place? They are disrupting the idea of brick and mortar, shaping the future of retail customer experience. Proximity marketing is the final connection between brands and customers; an effective tool to generate repeat sales, deliver your brand message and drive the (r)evolution of retailers.

The renowned 4 P’s of McCarthy have long been the foundation of the business tool known as marketing mix. Product, Price, Promotion, Place: for decades retailers have responded to changes in market equilibrium relying on these levers of growth. In markets driven by mobile devices, however, the rhythm of innovation is so fast that four 'P's' are not enough. We need the fifth P of marketing, the most critical in the digital era, Proximity.


Proximity marketing is defined as “the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place” (Wikipedia). Definitions, however, never tell the whole story. Proximity marketing, in fact, can't be reduced to mere advertising purposes (as it’s not confined to the retail industry).

Until recent years, a major marketing effort was aimed at reaching 'not well defined' consumers - broadly divided into target segments - with advertising, mostly one-fits-all content. The idea of a marketing strategy based on proximity was out of reach, due to technological limitations (unless you want to confuse proximity marketing with direct mail, in-store discount leaflets and door to door promotions).

But now you are able to offer personalized content when the customer is close or inside a store, right on his/her smartphone, to encourage specific behaviors, enhance the shopping experience and facilitate the purchase decision. The main objective of this new evolution, then, is to connect with empowered customers that mostly live in a digital world shaped by mobile devices. With this in mind, the idea of proximity - the physical location of a product with respect to the customer - linked to business strategies becomes a huge business opportunity.


Proximity marketing is not just one tool; it is a set of technologies and devices that rebuild the way we interact with places and products. At the same time, not all retail innovations are related to proximity (Apple Pay and virtual reality, i.e.). But it’s undeniable that the crucial step into the future of retail customer experience will come from three major elements:

  • iBeacon (Geo-fencing);
  • Push notifications;
  • The Internet of Things.

Despite the fact that it usually takes the center stage in discussions, too many companies still don’t get one important implication of proximity marketing: digital customer experience management requires a change outside AND inside the organization. More often than not, however, internal divisions of retail brands work like they’re complete strangers: some operate the stores and some the digital properties.


Few statistics, gathered by JiWire and published by Forbes, explain the value of Proximity Marketing:

  • 53% of customers are willing to share their current location to receive more relevant advertising.

  • 57% of customers are more likely to engage with location-based advertising.

  • 62% of customers share local deals with friends.

  • 63% of customers feel a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing.

These numbers say that smartphones and all mobile devices (Apple Watch, anyone?) already play a huge role in engagement and loyalty programs. What’s not so clear, if anything, is whether the retail businesses are ready to understand the needs and wants of customers and adapt the very nature of the store to the digital environment.


As of now, in fact, there is a deep gap between the omni-channel experience users live daily and the analog purchase experience they face when they enter the physical store. The future of retail customer experience lies in the necessity to close this gap with a mobile & digital bridge, and proximity marketing might be the answer to your prayers.

The 'iBeacon plus push notification' pair is one way to improve, not the remedy against all business problems. If you’re a traditional brick-and-mortar, you need to understand that technology is not an enemy; it’s your only chance to survive in the mobile ecosystem. There are at least four ways proximity marketing will drive retail marketing strategy:

  • Supporting the adoption of a true omni-channel marketing strategy: customers don’t live in just one channel anymore, why would you?;

  • Personalizing the shopping experience, with tailor-cut contents, context aware offers and game dynamics;
  • Improving engagement and customer retention, connecting online and offline into a new level of experience.

If you keep walking at slow pace, while customers and competitors run, you will fail to overcome in one fell swoop the challenge of globalization, E-commerce and digital transformation. Proximity Marketing has tremendous revenue potential, but that’s not all about money: if properly managed, it will allow you to deepen the connection with clients, boost loyalty and ultimately improve the customer experience.

As practical advice: if you want to connect with your customers 
in a whole new way discover Neosperience Engage, the end-to-end mobile marketing solution to turn on smartphones like magic and deliver personalized experiences to customers close to, or inside the store.

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