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    Challenge - Revolutionizing the in-store digital proposal

    Customers today require innovative and engaging in-store experiences from brands: only in this way can retailers hope to compete with digital commerce, which instead focuses on cost-effectiveness and practicality. Moleskine has decided to contact the Neosperience group to create a part of its in-store physical offer, specifically dedicated to the brand's digital-centered products.

    Solution - An App for tablets to guide customers

    For Moleskine we have created a Tablet application, available by in-store customers, which presents the catalog of all Moleskine+ products. The app has been implemented in all global stores of the brand. Updating the app and the catalog itself is centralized. The store manager, in doing so, must not have particular technical skills.

    How does it work?

    The customer is initially asked, incentivized by a discount voucher, to complete a questionnaire to find out what “type” of Moleskine customer he/she is. According to the answers, different psychological and behavioural profiles are presented. Each profile is assigned different products, designed precisely to meet the needs of the individual person.

    Subsequently, the customer has the opportunity to view the entire Moleskine+ catalog. Each product is accompanied by some illustrative videos that show its functionality.

    Impact - Sell products by acquiring new data

    Moleskine, thanks to the in-store experience we have created and the digital catalog itself, has been able to involve its audience in new ways, to revolutionise the way in which products were offered and explained and, finally, to retrieve valuable information about its customers.

    This success story can be yours.
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