Sorgenia - Digital Analytics

Challenge - Understand the "human" side of each user

Sorgenia, a leader in the free market for electricity and gas, wanted to deepen the knowledge of the target audience by collecting different types of information.

In particular, Sorgenia wanted to retrieve qualitative and subjective information, essential to understand the “human” side of each customer, such as the themes and values ​ ​to which it attaches greater importance and psychological needs, to ensure an optimal customer experience in one-to-one logic.

Solution - Neosperience User Insight

To obtain this information we have decided to implement the Neosperience User Insight Solution in the Sorgenia website and Customer Area. In doing so, we were able to derive some propensities and subjective characteristics of users and customers, based on the analysis of their browsing behaviour and thanks to a combination of statistical techniques, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

Neosperience User Insight has allowed Sorgenia to discover on each user:

Attention to Consumption

Attention to consumption and expenses, combined with the search for savings.



The sensitivity towards social responsibility initiatives and the importance attached to the values ​of the Sorgenia Brand.


Innovation and Technology

The interest in innovation and technology and the propensity for smart use of digital.


Need for

The tendency to seek detailed information and the willingness to thoroughly evaluate the characteristics of products, services, and offers.



The importance attached to customer feedback and the awards obtained 
by Sorgenia as guarantees of reliability.


Need for

The need for interaction and the search for contact 
with Sorgenia, combined with the propensity to word-of-mouth and member-get-member.

Impact - Understand to Customize

These new informations allow Sorgenia to enrich its Customer Database and customize communications, based on the propensities and subjective characteristics of each customer, both current and potential, improving its experience and increasing its involvement and propensity to purchase.

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DIMASDIA - Covid19 Detector

Challenge - Providing innovative diagnostic tools

In this period of fighting Covid-19, technology plays an increasingly important role. In addition to allowing the continuity of normal daily activities, technological innovation has also made it possible to facilitate diagnostic and treatment processes in the medical and healthcare field.

To address the emergency, the need emerged to develop a platform that could diagnose Covid-19 beyond traditional procedures.

Solution - A digital platform for the diagnosis of Covid19

Thanks to the Sacco Hospital in Milan, the Italian Auxological Institute, LoopTribe Srl, CRS4, the Lombardy Region, the European Fund for Regional Development and the Veronesi Institute, Neosperience has implemented the DIMASDIA-Covid19 project for the diagnosis of Covid-19 and related diseases through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Together with our partners, we have developed two models: one for rapid diagnosis - at lower costs than any other diagnostic tool - of the early onset of Covid-19 through pulmonary radiographs, and another model for the detection of cardiac kinetics alteration.

This model will be further improved to meet clinical standards and made available to all affected facilities through the DIMASDIA digital platform.

Impact - Making the diagnostic process simpler and cheaper

Thanks to this project, the Neosperience group was able to provide standardized and evidence-based tools for the clinical management of COVID-19 patients. We then developed and made available a web platform - based on Artificial Intelligence - capable of assisting diagnosis, follow-up and filling gaps in the history of infection.

In addition, given the concrete possibility of pre-screening at home or in widespread territorial facilities, the application of these models could contribute to making the diagnosis both cheaper and easier to carry out.

New challenges and development opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare are therefore opening up: we at Neosperience have decided to aim in this direction, because there can be no medical progress without technology.

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Benetton - Digital Analytics

Challenge - Giving the right value to every customer

Benetton, a company known worldwide for its fashion line, needed to retrieve qualitative and subjective information about users who visited its e-commerce and newsletter, to ensure an optimal customer experience in one-to-one logic.

Solution - Neosperience User Insight

We then used the Neosperience User Insight Solution on e-commerce and other digital touchpoints of the brand.

By analysing the browsing behaviour of users - through Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning techniques - we were able to derive their subjective characteristics, such as their psychographic profile.

Impact - Deep customization of the experience

This new qualitative information allows Benetton to enrich its Customer Database and to customize communication based on the propensities and subjective characteristics of each customer, both current and potential

We have therefore achieved the ambitious goal of improving the customer experience and increasing their involvement as well as their propensity to purchase.

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Alisea Remotair® - Machine Learning & IoT

Challenge - Improve customer service

Alisea is the number one company in Italy in the management of air handling systems. As a highly innovative company in its sector, Alisea has seized the opportunities offered by technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning to guarantee its customers a more effective, safe and timely service, improving the quality and efficiency of interventions by its technicians

Solution - Remotair®

Thanks to Neosperience technology, Alisea has developed a new product line, with the aim of innovating the maintenance and cleaning of ventilation systems. Remotair® allows Alisea customers to implement methods of remote control of ducts and air handling units.


Data acquired from an engineered IoT board, made together with Coherency, Neosperience partner for hardware development and prototyping, are sent to the AWS cloud, where they are analyzed and made available as alarms and notifications.

IoT firmware and backend components, using Neosperience Industrial IoT technology, are able to provide a synthetic view of filter status, air quality, and the presence of microbiological threats. In addition, the analysis model through deep learning allows the system to automatically determine the cleanliness status of the pipelines.

Impact - IoT and Machine Learning for smarter management

Remotair® is a clear example of the potential that modern Machine Learning and IoT techniques can allow in the industrial field. Real-time data analysis and the dashboard shared between technicians and customers allow Alisea to:


Implement effective monitoring of plants;



Proactively intervene in the deterioration of ventilation conditions, to minimize health risks;



Schedule maintenance of the systems only when necessary;



Reduce the costs of inspecting air handling systems;



Improve customer and employee satisfaction;



Ensure the best safety and health standards;

Thanks to Remotair®, Alisea is now at the forefront in the development of innovative products and represents an Italian excellence in the application of IoT technologies in the industrial field. Remotair®, unique in its kind, is now a differentiating asset that allows Alisea to stand out from its competitors.

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Intesa Sanpaolo - Insurance Styles

Challenge - Understand the clients

Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura, part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Vita Insurance Group, needed to optimize the use of the information contained within its Customer Database to increase the effectiveness of communication with Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura customers, identifying the insurance products most in line with the needs of each customer and the most suitable relational methods to interact with each other.

Solution - Create new Buyer Personas

To this end, we have started research and Customer Analytics aimed at a sample of Intesa Sanpaolo's customer base, with particular reference to policyholders, aimed to enrich the description of Intesa Sanpaolo's "buyer personas” through qualitative information, in addition to traditional socio-demographic and behavioural information, and to create predictive Machine Learning models for a set of subjective customer characteristics, such as personality and lifestyle, based on the analysis of data already in the Bank's possession within its Customer Database.

The analysis was carried out through a structured questionnaire, implemented on the Cawi detection channel of the Voice of Customer NeosVoc platform, and allowed the identification of the following information:


Lifestyle and interests of customer in specific areas, such as sport, travel, art, health, and well-being.



The customer's propensity to take out an insurance policy to protect themselves in areas of life that are important to them.


Communicative Approach

Some traits of the personality of customers use in defining the most suitable communicative and relational approach for each one, such as friendship, locus of control, and attitude towards uncertainty.



Some personality traits useful in identifying the most suitable insurance products for each customer, such as openness to experiences and sensation seeking.

Impact - Personalised insurance

Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura, thanks to the Stili di Tutela project, has been able to acquire a new layer of customer knowledge, which takes into account their individual differences in lifestyle, personality, and predispositions.

This knowledge has allowed Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura to customise communication according to the “style of protection” of each individual, increasing the value of the relationship with its customers and at the same time favoring the adoption of insurance policies more in line with the needs and peculiar characteristics of each one.

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Porsche Italy - Digital Presence

Challenge - Digitizing the communication ecosystem

For the last 15 years, the Neosperience Group has supported Porsche Italia in the process of digitizing the brand's communication ecosystem. The main requirement of the German car manufacturer was to communicate smoothly and effectively inwards - retailers and service centers - and simultaneously outwards, i.e. to the wholesaler and anyone wishing to enter the Porsche world.

Solution - A network of digital touch points

The solutions devised were multiple and all aimed at supporting the digital presence of the brand in a capillary way by offering a technological platform that would allow a management, partly centralized and partly peripheral, of the information that retailers, service centers and the parent company itself conveyed to the end customer.

A network of sites and a series of e-commerce services related to initiatives such as ski clubs or golf clubs created in full communication coherence to support the brand's marketing objectives. The end result was the creation of an ecosystem of digital touch points integrated with CRMs that would allow the collection of data aimed at one-to-one communication to the end customer.

A collaboration and support relationship was then created with the different dealers of the company for which lead and drive to store collection campaigns were managed over time.

Impact - New business leads and increasing the value of the individual customer

All the initiatives carried out together with Porsche Italia have allowed the company to increase the number of commercial leads and to involve brand enthusiasts with new tools and on new channels, increasing their value over time.

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SDA Bocconi - Business Games

Challenge - Full Digital Teaching

Because of Covid, universities had to reinvent themselves. Bocconi - among the best universities in Europe and in the world - has decided to face change with the aim of innovating its teaching. We were therefore asked to help you create a new full-digital teaching tool.

Solution - Rethinking distance learning

For Bocconi we recreated the traditional practical exercises in a digital environment. How? By developing the online platform where users can participate in so-called business games. A Nudging and Gamification project to make the often alienating moments of online teaching more fun and challenging.

Impact - An help for students

The Neosperience Group enthusiastically participates in this highly successful innovative educational experiment that can teach us so much to improve our software solutions such as Neosperience Nudging Gamification.

In addition, helping thousands of students in the study at this complex time is a source of pride and satisfaction.

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UniCal - Smart Campus

Challenge - More than 25,000 people to control

UniCal boasts the largest campus in Italy. More than 25,000 people who - due to the pandemic - needed a tool to ensure compliance with anti-Covid rules and be able to trace at-risk contacts efficiently.

Solution - The app that manages and stores presences and contacts

Smart Campus is Somos' anti-Covid app, developed together with CalTek and DLVSystem. This allows students to book the place by framing a QR-Code positioned at the entrances of university spaces. The system stores movements, presence times and proximity between people; in case of positivity, the app communicates the risk to the managers.

Impact - A success for students and professors

All those involved - students, professors and administrative staff - expressed their satisfaction with the result achieved by this project.

Several times the tracking system has been activated, ensuring a correct screening of positivities: for example, on October SmartCampus was able to rebuild the network of contacts – in the previous 10 days – of 5 positive students, allowing managers to contact the people involved and organize the test phase with them, preventing the spread of the infection.

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The Vision - Digital Presence

Challenge - Standing out in a difficult market

Publishing in Italy has been in difficulty for many years. Many large and small newspapers of the past have not been able to reinvent themselves in the digital world: the decrease in revenues from the sale of advertising space, combined with a continuous decrease in readers due to the lack of generational turnover, have forced many to rethink their positioning.

In the meantime, however, the younger public has been orphaned by effective information. In this context, The Vision, an online newspaper that opened its business in Italy in 2017 with the intention of involving the youngest audience, has joined the competition.
The Company has decided to turn to the Neosperience Group for the development of evolutionary activities and the creation of its website, the main channel for the national dissemination of the newspaper.

Solution - A secure, reliable and appealing platform for users and media agencies

Neosperience has technologically taken charge of the maintenance and evolution of The Vision website. We also take care of the advertising campaigns of the newspaper, developing their creativity where necessary.

We recently implemented two ad video formats that made The Vision even more appealing for on-site advertising. The first is of the overlay type - shown in overprint for each article - the second is an in-article format - embedded between two paragraphs within the article.

Impact - The first newspaper for Millennials and GenZ

In just a few years The Vision has managed to carve out a huge slice of the audience among the Millennials. At the moment on Facebook it is the newspaper that has the highest level of engagement per post.

The website has also achieved excellent results, boasting an average time spent per user on the page of almost 5 minutes, an average of 1,250,000 users per month, with 2,300,000 pages viewed monthly.

In addition, thanks to our support, The Vision has been able to exceed the 60% viewability threshold of banners: a unique result in the industry.

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Chef in Camicia - Contest App

Challange - Digitize the Community

Chef in Camicia, a vertical media company on food that boasts over 3 million followers, wanted to create more engagement with his fans. They asked us to create a contest app where they can hold prize competitions.

Solution - An app to connect and aggregate the community through challenges

For Chef in Camicia, we have created an app for iOS and Android, and we manage its evolution and maintenance. Through it, new culinary competitions are continuously launched. As challenges unfold participants level up. Top rankers earn credits that can be spent on rewards.

Impact - Reach your audience during the different moments of their journey

Considering an almost zero investment in marketing, the Chef app in Camicia is achieving extraordinary results. Tens of thousands of users have downloaded the app and regularly use it to test themselves with friends.

Hundreds of prizes were awarded and remarkable was the positive response, through reviews and comments, from users.

With this project, they were able to create a new engagement channel from scratch.

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