5 Mobile Marketing Trends Reshaping Digital Customer Experience


It all started with an SMS. We were in the early 2000s and companies started to collect phone numbers and send off content through Short Message Service. Lot has happened since the first SMS. Mobile Marketing is a relatively new field of study but, despite its youth, it is already crucial in strategies. Smartphones and apps play such a significant role in shaping success that mobile is not only ‘just’ another channel you should add to your plan.

It is becoming, in fact, the most important channel. We are facing a revolution called Mobile Mind Shift: our life can be now described as a collection of online moments, influenced by personal devices (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch). We live in a hyper-connected world where real and virtual coexist. Your goal as a business is to reach your customers in every touchpoint, aiming to right-time personalization.

Markets are evolving in so many different ways that you really need a compass to maintain focus. Content and strategies must adapt to this ever-changing scenario in which clients not only research, compare and buy products on their mobile devices, but also ask for innovative and compelling digital customer experience. Let’s take a look at mobile marketing top trends for the next future.

  • Wearable Technology: when we hear the word ‘mobile’, we usually think about smartphones, tablets, laptops (and now phablets). Now, with the AppleWatch, the trend topic is about wearable technology. Smartwatches, activity trackers, Google Glass: all these devices will change digital strategies forever.
  • Mobile Payments: using mobile devices to make purchases might seem a futuristic dream but now, with Apple Pay, it is becoming reality. No long forms, no credit cards required: ApplePay changes online and in-store payments, thanks to NFC, iBeacons and a secure link between the iPhone payment components and fingerprint reader.
  • Gamification: people love to play games (just think about the enormous success of Angry Birds). Competition is part of the human nature. Everybody enjoys acquiring points or badges, unlocking content and competing with friends. Why shouldn’t those elements of fun work in content marketing, helping in shaping a new and more effective digital customer experience? That’s gamification.
  • Narrowcasting: with traditional marketing segmentation, companies create broad clusters of clients and send their message to them, hoping that at least 20% of them is interested in it. With mobile, marketers have now the ability to target fewer individuals who are significantly more qualified, usually based around events and shared experiences, and create content customized with context.
  • Location-Based Content: we can’t ignore one last trend, strictly linked with the previous one. GPS helps companies locate clients and shape proper content strategies for customers while they are in the right location (i.e. stores). Give them what they need when they need it. Location-based promotions and notifications are now essential part of the marketing mix. More relevant and less intrusive.

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