5 Customer Experience Facts You Can’t Ignore In The Digital Era


Know yourself, know your customers”: a good advice every company should write on the main entrance wall. But how well do you really know your customer? That is the tough question. There are plenty of studies – both from economics and psychology – that reveal facts and figures your clients wish you knew about them. Here we will highlight 5 customer experience facts marketers should never ignore when they plan a strategy.

Customer experience is a great field to explore, but also a tricky one (i.e. see the most common myths about dcx). In an era defined by disruptive technologies, where the power balance is shifting from companies to customers, engagement and loyalty become even more important than the product or service you sell. The client should be the core factor – ultimately, we are in the Age of the Customer – of every single action plan you make.

Rapidly evolving technologies – apps, widgets, smartwatches, iBeacon, Internet-of-Things to name a few – already have a deep impact on the connection between brand and customer. As a result, to shape an effective and compelling digital customer experience you need to see things from a totally different perspective. The customer perspective.

  1. Customers love personalization – and they are willing to pay more to get it. One number says it all: according to a recent research, 64% of people think that customer experience is more important than price when planning purchases. You need to personalize the shopping experience to offer tailored and context-based content, customizing your marketing to match users’ preferences and interests.

  1. Loyalty is cheaper than acquisition – but it is harder to keep and retain. The probability of selling to a new customer is between 5 and 20%, while the percentage is way higher for existing clients (60-70%). It costs 6 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one, but the only way to retain a customer is to offer him what he needs, whenever he needs it, easy and without flaws. Personalization and gamification can help you go through this hard task.

  1. Customers remember a good experience – an amazing and innovative experience with your brand or product will be in their heart and mind for a long time … but a bad one will be indelible. Three stats will explain this fact better:

    – It will take twelve positive experiences to make up for one poor one;

    – Two years is how long a customer will avoid your brand after a bad experience;

    – 50% will share with friends and family a negative experience, spreading the bad vibes.

  1. Customers love good stories – and they always prefer brands connected with a compelling and captivating storytelling. A Big Story is one of the key factors of a winning digital customer experience, together with Big Journey and Big Data. Selling through stories is the perfect way to get high levels of engagement and loyalty. To create the perfect story for your brand, know your identity and share it across all touch points and platforms.

  1. Technology is crucial for engagement – it is proved that customers have a more favorable opinion of companies that use emerging platforms. In the era of mobile mind shift, you should always consider the following touch points in your marketing strategy:

    – Customer-facing app – 36% spend money based on a brand’s mobile offerings;

    – Responsive website – 85% find it frustrating when a company’s website is not configured for mobile browsing;

    – Social Media – customers who engage with brands over social media usually spend up to 40% more money with those companies.

Now that you know the basic facts about customer experience, if you want to ensure a strategic advantage to your organization download the DCX 7-Steps Checklist crafted by Neosperience, with requirements and insights for a successful digital transformation.

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