4 Ways to Improve Your Fashion Digital Customer Experience


The essence of fashion is couture, a French term that refers to the creation of exclusive clothing or accessories, constructed by hand from start to finish. In this sense it can be seen as the exaltation of craftsmanship and analog. Nevertheless the fashion and luxury industry needs now to breathe the fresh air of digital transformation, improving what we could call fashion digital customer experience (DCX).

Everytime they need to shape a marketing strategy, brands and firms working in the industry of heaute couture, beauty, clothing and luxury have to deal with the fear of losing themselves. The brand is the core of all their activities, so the digital customer experience must incorporate company’s brand identity.

Marketers need to mantain a balance between two opposite forces: engage customers on one hand and stay true to brand image on the other. To create a digital connection with customers is more important for fashion brands than for other retail firms, because their clients are always first in line when it comes to trends and high profile experiences. Technology makes no exception.

This is the scenario: digital customers ask for compelling digital strategies, and your company must think and act mobile first. How? Creating personalized content in an ambience able to offer a sense of exclusivity. When? As soon as possibile because wealthy customers have already gone mobile.

Last question: what should fashion industry do to enhance marketing strategies and connect with clients in innovative and amazing ways? Here are 4 suggestions – guided by technology improvements – you can follow to improve your dcx and stay at the top of your game.

  • Beacons: with the launch of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, beacons have become the main trend for retail strategies. Using these self-powered wireless devices you can enhance your customer experience, delivering location-based offers and promotions with push notification paving the way to right-time personalization.

  • Fashion wearables: Apple Watch is bringing the spotlight on wearable technology. Analysts say that the wearables market is growing five-times faster than the smartphone revolution and big fashion names are already playing on the new trend. In the Age of the Customer, you can embrace innovation by producing trendy technology icons. They are useful, why shouldn’t be beautiful too?

  • Exclusive app: retail companies are improving their online presence through customer-facing apps. Going mobile for mobile’s sake, though, is something you should never do, especially if you are a fashion firm. How can you adapt this technology to your specific industry? Offering the outstanding brand experience of a digital showroom or a virtual store enhanced with augmented reality to your clients is among your best options.

  • Innovative shopping experience: the former three strategies can be blended in this final one, as being an exclusive brand means giving an exclusive customer experience. You can deliver on this promise with digital only if you stay current on mobile innovations, adapting them to your specific product or service. Apple Pay, personalized push notifications in right-time, virtual dressing room and so on.

With so many opportunities to be groundbreaking, remember always to stay true to your real identity. That’s what fashion is all about.

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