4 Rules Of Mobile Engagement For The Age Of The Customer


Since the dawn of time, engagement is probably the hardest step in the inbound marketing funnel; surely the most intriguing and challenging for companies. Before even thinking about conversion, you need to connect and engage with customers, a transition you should never take for granted. Even more so in an age defined by disruptive technologies. As the scenario changes, so do marketing strategy and digital customer experience. What are the rules of mobile engagement in the Age of the Customer?

The ability to adapt to evolution is prerequisite: mobile technology is not just one of many trends crossing our way and passing by. It is, in fact, the most important event in recent history, as it is reshaping not only the lives of billions around the world, but also the connection people have with brands and products. We are not talking about the future, we are describing the present. Companies don’t own the power to dictate the communication agenda anymore: the balance is tilted towards the customer, the real core of every digital marketing strategy.

Mobile is accelerating the process, creating what we may now call the Age of the Customer. The figures speak for themselves: we already have more than 6 billions mobile subscribers in the world (87% of world entire population) and 1.2 people accessing the web from their mobile devices. And if you think that this trends doesn’t affect you now, there is one thing you should never forget: you probably already participate in the mobile ecosystem, even though you have not established your mobile presence yet.

If you struggle to keep the pace, try to remember that engagement strategies through mobile should be structured to:

  • Help people have fun;

  • Help people share experiences;

  • Help people do things.

That’s what you must do if you want to go beyond the first step of the funnel and carry on with the process, from connection to conversion. We have explained the ‘what’, it is about time to talk about the ‘how’. What are the new rules of engagement to ensure a connection with the empowered customer of the mobile era?

  • Mobile connection: you may think that having an app is enough to connect with clients in mobility. But the app is just a shell you need to fill with your engagement strategies. Fortunately you now have plenty of good technologies ready to enhance your strategy to create innovative experiences: push notifications, beacons, Internet-of-Things.

  • Tailored content: technology is useless if you don’t know who to absorb it into your marketing mix. Personalization is probably the most tasty effect of the mobile mind-shift. Custom tailored content and location based offers are just two of many examples of how you can use proximity marketing to reach your customer when he is near/in the store and ready to decide or purchase.

  • Gamification: everybody plays a game, and marketing today can’t do without the mechanics of games. Quoting an old motto, ‘If you can win them, play with them’. Gamification is the name of this new trend, the perfect way to promote engagement and brand loyalty. If you let your customer play with your brand and product, you will find it easier to drive him through the conversion path. If games are so important today, why shouldn’t you use the element of fun to shape a more effective digital customer experience? Score points, unlock badges, compete with friends, augment reality, you name it.

  • Responsive design: you can have the best content and the most efficient strategy in the entire world, but everything you do is absolutely pointless if none can watch and live it. That is exactly what happens when your brand presence is not optimized for the mobile experience. Responsive is the approach of web design with strong emphasis on the viewing user experience. The aim is to create a flawless passage between devices, helping companies to shape contact actions across all platforms and touchpoints.

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