4 Good Habits To Deliver Highly Effective Digital Strategies


How can you deliver an amazing digital customer experience? This question often raises a business conundrum, because innovative strategies rarely happen by chance. They always require a firm vision of your brand identity and an action plan that comprehend and blend technology, business vision and data. There is no ‘one-fits-all’ solution to solve the puzzle, but we can identify at least 4 good habits to deliver highly effective digital strategies.

Today the only constant is change and the rate of change is increasing. Your competition is no longer a multinational corporation overseas, but the guy or gal in a Bandra (Mumbai) garage using the latest technology to design and cloud print their latest innovation to come and disrupt you. Digital transformation is not optional anymore. It is a ‘call of duty’ if you want to connect with empowered customers and become their first choice at the moment of purchase. Yet many companies still struggle to convert their agenda into new business and operating models. The shift from analog to digital is challenging and requires initiative and commitment. It is not just about actual marketing actions, it involves your identity and vision as a brand and entrepreneur.

Your digital customer experience, in our mobile-first time, must be consistent and coherent across all channels and touchpoints. Your business ambition should be to give your customers what they want, when they want it, in the most compelling way – yet easy and fast.

To deliver on the promise of the perfect client experience in the Age of the Customer, start following a few good habits:

  • Maintain an holistic view: customers expect an intregrated experience with your brand, across all their devices. They might want to start an action on your website, then continue it with your app and close it in your physical store. Conversion has become an omni-channel story. You need to align all areas of business that impact on customer experience: know your buyer persona, map the customer journey and create personalized content. United platform and strategic sinergy are the keywords for marketers.

  • Be an inspirational leader: even the best strategy in this world will never be really efficient when managers and leaders don’t share a unique vision of innovation and constant evolution. You must be prepared to think different and use new approaches to solve old problems if you want to be unreasonably aspirational. Put the customer at the core of your vision and start from there to share your ideas and inspire stakeholders and employees.

  • Think out of the box: it is not easy to foresee the future and be first in line to innovate. Nonetheless, you don’t need to be a clairvoyant to understand that there are forces at work to shape a new world, changing the rules of marketing and rebalancing the connection between brands and clients. Mobile is the new trend, but going mobile without a plan can only do harm. Before moving on, try to understand where the market is going and how you can use innovative technologies (i.e. beacons). Be disruptive in your business and don’t be afraid to try.

  • Know where the value is: always ask yourself what is your value proposition and how does it align to your digital marketing strategy. In your product or service? Of course, but that is just the beginning of the story in this new era. You have now two main assets: your identity and your customer. When you create your strategy, try to follow these steps: know yourself, know your customer (using Big Data), narrate your essence with storytelling, engage your clients with interesting actions (Gamification), measure obsessively your results, adapt budget and KPI. And when you have the feeling you’ve finished, then that is the right time to start again.

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