Experts once considered archetypal meaning in marketing to be quaint and interesting. Today defining your brand’s archetypal symbolism is a prerequisite.

The Caregiver brand archetype has a heightened awareness of human vulnerability, is less focused on concern for him- or herself and is more preoccupied with alleviating other people’s problems. He anticipates people’s needs, seeing what will make them feel secure, safe, and nurtured.

His mantra is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Doing well by doing good. The Caregiver is an altruist, moved by compassion, generosity and a desire to help others. Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, Bill & Melinda Gates and Princess Diana symbolize this archetype.

The essential qualities of the caregiving relationship are:

  • Empathy — seeing and feeling things from another’s perspective, not just our own.
  • Communication — listening — to what others say, what don’t say, and especially, what they mean.
  • Consistency — wholesale, reliable, unquestioning commitment.
  • Trust — the foundation of true attachment.

The Caregiver archetype is present in all the brands and digital customer experience related to taking care of people and the physical world — gardening; cleaning clothes, homes, offices, and streets; mending clothes, roads and bridges, or anything at all that is broken; caring for the sick and the elderly.

The Caregiver is a good identity for brands from Emergency to Volvo to Prenatal, for which customer service provides the competitive advantage, for services in the health care, education, for non-profit causes and charitable activities and other caregiving fields; for services that help people stay connected with and care about one another, or care for themselves.

The Caregiver is always related to the Innocent, because it is usually the Caregiver who makes the Innocent’s desire for a safe and beautiful world come true.

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