• Neosperience_Voyager_1
    Trip Planner, integrated with Google Transit
  • Neosperience_Voyager_2
    Handy list of frequent locations with typing assistant for origins and destinations
  • Neosperience_Voyager_3
    Best routes selection, live, interactive maps and timetables
  • Neosperience_Voyager_4
    Smart ticketing, local and national news, events and Smart locations
  • Neosperience_Voyager_5
    Exclusive shopping and promotions for ticket holders
The best way to get to know Neosperience Voyager is to get your hands on the actual product. 
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We created Neosperience Voyager thanks to our successful experience with major public transportation companies in the world, including Arriva, Brescia Mobilità, SAB, and SAF. Harness it as the founding pillar of your digital transformation strategy, delivering everything you customers need:

  • From Planning their trip, with full integration of Google Transit, to Smart Stops where people can discover timetables by reading a QR-Code or receiving a push notification.

  • From Smart Ticketing to last minute local and national News, to Shopping and Promotions reserved for ticket holders.

  • From a world of ideas and proposals for Leisure to in-travel Gaming to a bi-directional integration with leading Social Networks, also used for Customer Service.


Deliver engaging experiences everywhere your customers are.

Complete control over the customer journey and experience to engage clients, increase their satisfaction and make their trip more enjoyable.


All-in passenger engagement solution.

Best-in-class, open and integrated set of features to deliver an extraordinary experience before, during and after the journey.


Reliable, privacy and security conscious.

Committed to transparency for end customers and enterprise-grade security for travel and transport companies.

  • Rapidly deployed, flexible, reliable, easily customized to your organization’s needs.
  • Safe and robust evolution path, always evolving with new features.
  • No maintenance, no need to dedicate internal resources.
  • Delivered as-a-service, cloud-based, scalable.
  • Natively integrated with Google Transit and compatible across iOS and Android platforms.
  • Enterprise-grade, built on a certified experience in 5 years of Fortune 500 customers’ successes.

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