Construction, real estate, travel and transportation companies need to adapt to the digital age of the customer.

Delivering great digital experiences is keeping up with customers and business partners. Mobile technology can do a lot for constructors and citizens, public transportation providers and passengers, delivering on the promise of digital transformation.

Neosperience’s next-generation products and features empower you to deliver amazing, personal and rich services, easily, across all customers' screens.

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 Neosperience products and features help you to engage and delight customers, citizens and passengers, increase quality and value, delivering useful services everywhere they are.

Explore how our best-in-class clients – including Arriva, Brescia Mobilità, Generali, Gicram and many municipalities such as Milan, Rome and Siena – worked with us to power their digital customer experience. Your organization can do likewise:



Neosperience Cloud provides infrastructure, real estate, travel and transportation companies with a readily available set of functions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5, developed in 5+ years of R&D with insights from more technically advanced industries, in particular fashion, luxury and retail. The outcome of this process includes services that you can easily integrate, engaging and fun, able to address your customers', citizens' and passengers' needs, today and tomorrow.

Both directly and with our partners we empower you to:

  • Rapidly perform end-to-end customization of readily available Neosperience products and features, from front-end screen prototyping, to interfacing with your pre-existing legacy environments.
  • Test (unit, system, load, integration, fail-over and recovery) and optimize for performance.
  • Collect and analyze mobile usage data, to identify patterns while strictly adhering to privacy and security policies, discover unmet needs, and evolve the features that meet these needs.
  • Integrate Right-Time recommendation with machine learning and gamification techniques to deliver innovative and useful services to customers, citizens and passengers.