The buying experience has changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 100.

Customers connect, discover and share differently. You have to catch up to the changes and connect to customers in a whole new way by delivering enchanting experiences – easily, in their own way, now.

Neosperience provides you with everything you need to engage and monetize digital customers, with useful content and services based on their personality, context, location, behavior, relationships and buying intentions.

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The disruptive forces of mobile arrived several years ago and will fundamentally change retail in the decades to come, transforming every element of business: from marketing and sales to products and supply chain and beyond.

Neosperience products and features helped mobile approach mainstream behavior in many countries, and have become the easiest way to empower you to attract, engage, convert and delight customers, increase loyalty, and drive business value, delivering powerful experiences everywhere customers are.

Our best-in-class clients – including Auchan, BanzaiCarrefour, Eni, Esselunga, Flexform, KIKOLaura BiagiottiMattel, Miu MiuPINKO, PradaRinascente and Zegna – used Neosperience to maximize their digital customer experience. Your organization can do likewise:

  • Build and manage 1:1 customer journeys in no time, to establish, maintain and develop client relations.
  • Offer a seamless experience across all customer devices: when they are close to, 
or inside the point of sale, at home, at work, on the move.
  • Act on real-time data and deliver personalized offers where and when it matters most, easy and fun, with hyper-targeted content based on profile, behavioral data and precise location verification, enriching CRM data with customer insight.
  • Deliver innovative services: from smart sampling, to in-store activations, from 3D showrooms, to gamified loyalty programs, from hybrid commerce to smart coupons.
  • Leverage social channels to provide 1:1 customer assistance, and offer innovative payment systems your customers will love.
  • Implement compelling Internet of Things business cases.
  • Reduce time to market with our easy to adopt and scalable technology – deployed instantly, flexible, reliable and easily customized, yet powerful enough to support large-scale deployments.

Neosperience Cloud provides consumer products manufacturers, retailers and distributors with a readily available set of apps and features for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the web, to enable mobile-first services that are engaging and fun, to address your customers' needs today and tomorrow.

Both directly and with our partners we:

  • Rapidly perform end-to-end customization of readily available Neosperience products and features, from front-end screen prototyping, to interfacing with pre-existing customer environments.
  • Test and optimize for performance.
  • Collect and analyze mobile usage data, to identify patterns while strictly adhering to privacy and security policies, discover unmet needs, and evolve the functionalities that meet these needs.
  • Integrate Right-Time recommendation with machine learning and gamification techniques to make your customers' digital experience more engaging and fun.

Thanks to the Neosperience Cloud and its innovative approach to the digital customer experience, we have been able to unlock the magic of mobile technology. We delivered a truly meaningful experience online and offline, that enabled us to create engagement and understand our digital customers. With their technology, Mattel could make one bold step to be first-in-line in the competition for relevance and customers' loyalty.


Filippo Agnello

VP & Country Manager - AD Mattel Italy, Greece and Turkey